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10/28 c49 Tiki21
Omg please continue! I have re read this story at least 3 times this year! I need closer, this is amazing!
10/24 c49 Ghostreaderr
Hope you are doing well! Love this story!
10/22 c49 sooz42
This is the second time I've read this because your characterizations are amazing aaand I really wanted Jane to be innocent! But now I want to know how everything is resolved with janes future and with maura. Please finish it, it really is too good not to. All the best and thank you.
10/16 c49 shuvls
Please finish. Love it
9/3 c49 RiotLady
This is one of the ones that doesn't need to be finished to be excellent. It's a satisfying place to leave off, with the emotional arc so close to being complete that you already know where it's ending and the most pressing threads of the plot all closed up. I enjoyed this very much. It's great just as it is. And oh my god did it make me feel things.
8/4 c1 me
Would sell my kidney for you to finish it. MASTERPIECE
7/28 c49 Barbie7088
bravo!Bravo! completely fabulously incredibly perfect
7/22 c49 Manda
Loving this story. I do hope you keep going with it till the end. It’s worth finishing having come so far with amazing characters and an awesome storyline. Here’s hoping life provides you with some time for writing soon.
4/3 c49 Guest
Really wish you’d finish Thai
2/26 c49 Lcf
Wow. Just wow. What a story. You are a talented and imaginative writer I thoroughly enjoyed this effort.
2/26 c49 Carol Moloney
I love this story. I have read it so many times. I would love if you will be able to finish it sometime in the future
2/25 c49 Chris
Great story. Loved it!
2/2 c49 Manda
Love this story. It’s extremely well written and I hope to be able to read more of it sometime soon. Please keep going!
9/26/2021 c49 Smec
Omg please don’t let this be the last chapter, I’m loving it, it’s so real I feel all their pain and anger please continue x
9/9/2021 c49 lostmariner4803
Woah! Some of the scenes were so intense I had to take a break just to calm my heart down! Especially that Ramsey scene! I just about broke down on the Jane and Maura scenes! They’re so vivid! Please please don’t let this be the last chapter.
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