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8/4 c48 ella
I'm new to this party, Having 48 full chapters to read.
My first Rizzoli & Isles fanfic, and now I have a deep problem I don't think someone will come closer to being this good and everything I read after that will simply be a disaapointment.

Thank you, can't wait for the final chapters.
8/4 c40 ella
Duck Mallard! All the NCIS feels suddenly lol
8/2 c1 carooleemt
Very suspenseful and intriguing. I’m hooked on the story line in just one chapter.
7/30 c48 Born reader
Oh no! You’re so mean ;) don’t let us wait!
7/29 c48 Joannrbb
I caught back up. i hope I get emails for the update. Such an interesting story.
7/26 c48 Guest
Im so looking forward to the last two chapters and epilogue.. please update soon!
7/22 c48 Rainbow
Looking forward to see where you take this , I like this ride very much
7/20 c48 14luckypenguinbuddy
Wow...I'm soooo behind. I just noticed the update alert for this in my inbox. How could I have missed this! Maybe thie Covid crisir is muddling my brain. And knowing there are only three more chapters to go? Oh man... How can this be? They need time. I need time...lol. I'm not ready for this to be over...lol. There just breaking into things here and opening up. As much as I hate to rush to the end...I can't wait for more. The need to know is strong. Very strong. Thanks for sharing. Happy writing.
7/17 c48 Guest
Where are the last 2 chapters
7/17 c48 Rainbow
Im looking forward to your writing and this story. Who wouldn’t want to find someone and have the kind of love Jane and Maura have? I love this and will be waiting for 49 :-)
7/16 c48 4muderocksmyworld
I literally lost sleep over this story. I would stay up really late just to catch a few more chapters. For about a week it consumed by life and I'm ready for the last two chapters.

haven't slept dreaming of Maura and Jane
7/10 c48 Pink lady
Oh wow! Looking forward to more :-)
7/6 c48 ahsnaps
You little tease.

Uhhhhhhh I’m excited and sad for the ending. Its a great story and you're one of fav writers.
7/4 c48 mert1984
Thank you for continuing this. I hate it when authors of a really good story leave us hanging.
6/30 c48 Guest
Hi! I just found this story yesterday and i was up all night to finish reading all 48chapters. I just want to say thank you for writing this, i think it is so well written and i really love it so much. I cant wait for the ending! Look forward for the last chapters!:)
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