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10/29/2016 c5 Harry Snape-Potter
jesus, i want to punch this guy in the face! fucking asshole!
4/19/2015 c8 bubzchoc
4/2/2015 c8 kimphin
That was wonderful. I'm sad to see it and, but I live how you wrapped it up. And I agree that Steve (and Catherine) would have conflicted feelings about the navy after that experience. Well done!
4/1/2015 c8 9LuckyStarPham
One of the most surprising things for me while reading this chapter is that I like this Danny. He's soooooo nice. But of course I love Steve's SEAL team much better.
I love your writing style very much. Very detailed and emotional (when it needs to be emotional). My heart clenches at the very small detail (Steve called Danny AND Danny apologized for making Cath cry. Love this). So glad that the charge has been dropped and now, Cath and Steve can live together in Hawaii.

Looking forward to your upcoming fictions. Hopefully with Michelle being back as Catherine, you will be inspired to continue writing xoxo
3/31/2015 c8 Khellsbells
Thanks for a great story, I'm sorry it's come to an end.
3/31/2015 c8 CatherineHF0
I love it so much thanks
3/31/2015 c8 St
Wonderful ending to a fantastic story. Just sorry to see it end. I always look forward to everything that you have written with Steve and Catherine as the main characters! Thank you for all your hard work and will look forward to more stories in the future!
3/31/2015 c8 12FicreaderT
You're absolutely right and you wrote it beautifully! I think you ended on just the right note and made a good decision with Steve's feelings of betrayal - how could he not feel that way? A wonderful story - one of new favorites!
3/31/2015 c8 Guest
Loved this story! Your next project could be a sequel. Steve and Cath have to find a new normal after this and heal from this ordeal. Just a suggestion. :-)



P.S. Great Job!
3/31/2015 c8 sobepuzzler713
Absolutely loved it!
3/13/2015 c7 11MacKenzie Creations
I just found this story and I love what you have so far! I can't wait for the next chapter! And I agree with you that a decent man can deal with a woman's menstruation cycle. My husband has no problem at all dealing with mine and even picks up supplies for me when I need him to. He's not squeamish about it at all. It's a part of life. Nothing to be ashamed about.


3/10/2015 c7 Guest
Loved this chapter very much!
3/8/2015 c7 CatherineHF0
I love it so much thank you
3/8/2015 c7 jodiesto
Wow, well written.
3/8/2015 c7 bubzchoc
great story
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