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10/1/2017 c30 4Varghjartat
Well... I changed my mind and decided to read this final chapter directly after the previous one. This whole story has been awesome, even if I do feel bad inside for all the delays I dealt with. Yet, I refused to give up. I enjoyed this very much as its prequel fanfic. Gosh, it's been a massive roller coaster of action, tension, emotions... even if I kinda disliked the 'thing' between Maurus and Arianna with their relationshio, now I simply ignore it and don't care about it anymore. I got little surprised over that Maurus has an adopted son. It made me drop my jaw, thinking 'what the heck have I missed?' part. But whatever... I may felt guilty for every delayed review, but it has been an honor to read this story. I honestly think there might be a lurking sequel that may appear one day. Thanks mate, for writing this awesome fanfic.
10/1/2017 c29 Varghjartat
What a nice chapter. I know... I haven't been feeling alright so I delayed further reading this. I did enjoy reading this though despite it feels slow and I'm a slow reader due my eye tend to get sore after a while. I find this chapter quite okay despite it feels slow. But after the massive previous chapter... I think it's wise to keep this little shorter. I'll catch up reading the final chapter soon.
9/6/2017 c30 FS
Really enjoyed following this, there was a lot of gritty visuals that many Warcraft (and others) fanfics lack. I get a little disheartened by the fluff and magically still beautiful/perfect stuff that is present in a lot of writing as well. So I thank you for your writing style.

Good luck with your future endeavors.
9/4/2017 c30 46Ralf Jones
And so it all ends...

It was a long journey, but it was all worth it...

I saw these characters grow, go from strangers to battle tested friends and I will always remember them.

Thanks for this fic, and I hope you keep writing
9/2/2017 c29 komentator
Great as always. You know, you have a talent on creating the right atmosphere, moments. I still sometimes re-read the scene when Ariana writs the letter for Maurus. And here now you did it again, truly fantastic job.

I thought you would wait a bit before introducing the Scourge like a year or half a year, so Maurus could visit home or just to show Ariana Mulgore, I think she would like it there. In my head I thought they would settle or travel a bit and then they would be at Ogrimmar at the day when Silvanas runs away from Undesity. And Maurus and Ariana get themselves drag in, because of mobilization, in case they were retired or on hold. But with the Scourge on the move would have to move North, to help already whose there or to be the Vanguard.

Didn't see the destruction of Outland nice touch and a lot of political headache with the immigrants, because most of them will join the Horde, which disturbs the balance of power even more Varian probably is very pissed especially after Jaina and Thrall marriage.

Keep the good work. With regards Komentator.
8/31/2017 c28 4Varghjartat
Damn... what a massive chapter. I must have taken like 4-5 hours to read this through, maybe more. I'm sorry though for not reviewing until now. Life has been tough again and I dropped the feeling for reading a lot and felt not okay lately. Readign this chapter gave me some headache too.

Anyway, the battle was insane and brutal like heck. I did enjoy it but I find this chapter so huge that it could have been a two-part chapter instead. I found a mistake - tohis shoulders - when it should be this - to his shoulders - to be correct. I feel nothing else but relief to see the dreadlord finally dead. But I gasped once Illidian showed up; I could not believe in it. But now... I have no idea what will happens next now when the dreadlord is dead for good. I will try to catch up reading the latest chapter very soon. Not tonight.
8/27/2017 c29 Rudhlomiel Luminous
Cheers indeed. Every time I see an update from you, I gasp. I may cry after finishing this one. Happy emotional tears. It's that good. :)
8/1/2017 c28 komentator
I am very sorry that I am reviewing only now, but I was lazy. However I have read this chapter the same hour you posted and I was absolutely delighted with it. The grand battle, the skirmish, the finale were marvelous. I felt some sort of satisfaction at the end of the chapter.

The quest is finished but the war is still at large or Illidan is an ally now? Nevertheless its R&R time for Maurus & co., they need it.

Will be waiting for more epic tales. With regards Komentator.
7/19/2017 c28 46Ralf Jones
Looks like a missed a few chapters this time, but hell, it was worth it, and damn finally the one winged bastard is dead.

Shame we lost some good people but that is war...

As always the battles were brutal and bloody, I was always afraid for the lives of the characters while reading, I swear I thought Mathias was done for when he got hit.

Great work, I love your characters and it was so fun watching them go from a trio of strangers to heroes of the horde while keeping their personalities intact.
6/9/2017 c27 4Varghjartat
Heya... Sorry for the massive delay. I decided to make a review for both the chapters; the previous one and this chapter. They are both great to read. I enjoyed them. This chapter was intense and adrenaline-pumping, though I did take some breaks in between because I tend to get tired when reading too much. I've missed Maurus and his team a lot. I've never made in time visiting Tempest Keep when I played WOW in my younger age due too much computer crashes, but you described it greatly and fully detailed.

Anyway, I'll give both the chappies 4 stars of 5 stars. I hope to read more soon, though I really need to get myself reading more often.
4/25/2017 c25 Varghjartat
Well, finally I got my ass back on reading chair. I will read the next chapter later when I can.

So far, this chapter is pretty good for me. It feels slow but it's better than nothing. I like the plot so far what's it going on and so. I missed Maurus... Anyway, I noticed you did make a couple of failures. One is Arianna and her companions with a missing dot and the second quickly exchanged codes with them, before calling with a missing dot. Otherwise the chapter is good.

Life has been very tough for me lately so that's why I've delayed this review. I'm okay but I'm feeling so-so for now. Anyway I will catch up reading the next chapter
4/19/2017 c26 komentator
Another nice chapter, a bit relaxing but very informative. I like that war isn't going well, it would be yo easy otherwise.

I have a question, that I wanted to ask for a long time. What it is your composition of the army? For example what is the ratio of professional soldiers and adventurers like Maurus&co in the Torn Wing. I think only the riders and few previous officers represent the professional soldiers in this battalion, something like 4/10 ratio.

Looking forward to the next month.
With regards Komentator.
3/19/2017 c25 1fluffyflaffy
Well done.
Nice seeing the burdens of leadership colliding with the hunt.

The bit with the Wretched. Great. A story like yours, with a soldier being field promoted to commander is bound to have some character defining moral/ethical choices. Nice seeing that bit of character.

AU or not, you manage to EXPLAIN why everything works the way it does. Somethings that doesn't follow canon, is explained and makes sense. Good job.

Yours truly:
3/18/2017 c25 FS
Mistake in the first sentence, "Watch your yourself."

Thank you for the update!
3/18/2017 c25 komentator
Heh, it was few days ago that I left a comment on your last chapter and here you are posting a new one. And what a great chapter it was, and I conquer it was pretty interesting. Showing the interaction between the command and soldiers, and the new Horde honor. Your best touch was the cultural aspect of the trolls (although I think the Dark Spear don't practice cannibalism after they joined the Horde) it is a small thing, but overall it shows the deep that you have thought for the universe that you are creating.
Waiting for more.
With regards Komentator.
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