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for Beneath a Broken Moon

9/12 c10 Josiador
You know, J'zargo seriously reminds me of the Great and Powerful Trixie.
9/2 c9 Sable Dawn
Did they unlock his Aura, does he have it and if so what is his semblance?
8/7 c20 7GodsWorld
Just started reading this and I need to say that this is impressive.
Okay, but seriously Tristard needs to open his Aura. It almost feels wasteful that he isn't already using it.
I mean the entire concept of the Dragonborn is to learn all possible avenues of skills and powers so I don't feel that it's that outrageous that Tristard want to be a Hunter alongside a Mage, Theif and Warrior.
8/6 c20 2Quintain Apprentince of Alduin
"J'Zargo, no!"

"J'Zargo, YES!"
8/3 c2 Macerator
On chapter 2 should’ve done red yellow black and white so it rhymed the prophecy i mean
8/3 c20 Thunder Dragon
Oh man. This is going to be fun. Now I hope Tristard does the same and soon.
8/2 c20 Utruk Doomhammer
Oh boy
8/3 c20 Gryphose
You've effectively given J'Zargo a nuclear option.

Why did you give J'Zhargo a nuclear option?

(Overdramatization end)
8/2 c20 Zabaniya
This story is alright. Not good but also not bad. Its just meh to me. There are just nothing amazing that really makes the story intriguing.

The start and the way on how Tristard became involved with Team RWBY jUst felt forced. A prophecy and that was it. Reading it just made me roll my eyes at such a very obvious prophecy.

After that, the story just followed what any other RWBY crossover did. Character gets transported, somehow joins Team RWBY despite the unfairness of it all and the story jist follows canon with jist another extra. Him being their really doesn't change much. Heck, some parts of a story I just skipped at all since it was just either boring or uneccesary and had nothing to do with the plot or the relationship between the characters.

Compared this to the Elder Scrolls X Familiar of Zero crossover "To Teach a Zero". Now that is a story that is different even compared to other crossover stories of that anime. Sure it follows the same getting summoned by Louise but after that, everything else is completely new and interesting. The Dragonborn was also far more interesting and showed a lot about his character thanks to his interaction with Louise.

And that is what it is for this fanfic. There is just nothing new or interesting. Even his character is pretty tame and very basic for someone who has experienced a lot. The only way that tends to show his experience is through his skills in combat and on what he is saying. Its more tell than shown when it comes to him.

Maybe I didn't read much and must have missed something but that is what i read. Its just basic RWBY crossover with nothing new to add. Sure there was the original story but did that really change anything? No.

Well that is my review. Its not a bad story since there are people who actually like it but to me, its just average. Anyways, good luck with your story. I just won't continue reading this story anymore.
8/2 c20 15Shikaku Zetsumei
Oh no. Looking forward to what J'Zargo will do next. Fun chapter as always!

8/2 c16 CanyonEcho
Sounds like Tristard has pickpocket 100.
8/2 c20 2joecola00
Poor Cinder. J'zargo is an unstoppable force of nature, who will render all her efforts for naught, especially after the massive magic buff he just got. They'd also Tristard and Serana, but those are just details.

Jokes aside, great chapter.
8/2 c20 Ecomonococo
Ahhh by the nine! Sweet update! Looking forward to the next one.
8/2 c20 Spartan lover55
Great chapter i really like the way you pace out fight scenes. I have been wondering how powerful is tristard is he going to get noticeable stronger than everyone else.
8/1 c20 Sparkysbro
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