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for Beneath a Broken Moon

9/26 c28 Slayer of The Abyss
Interesting turn of events, definitely looking forward to seeing the chaos that could come from this
9/20 c3 shadowoni
must have been the wind
9/18 c1 dkainallen
weak ass dragonborn overwhelmed by grim I call this bullshit
9/13 c28 The Harrinator
I've entered and graduated high school and gone through two jobs and a car before this story got to the Cinder fight at the ball. At this rate I do have to wonder if I'll even be alive to see the finale.
9/8 c28 JackDarkke
8/28 c4 treviondrown
he could easily and I mean easily kill Salem with the soul tear shout all he would need to do is like blow up her legs or something then use it and boom she's permanently dead
8/22 c1 Guest
Just like that, cinders whole plan gets derailed because of a quest objective marker.
8/20 c28 1zPotatoMan
Very well written story you have here! The characters feel alive, and the dialogue between the Tamrielians and the Remnants are lively. The exposition is presented through action, allowing for a more imaginative read. Despite having a frankly OP character in a relatively low-power verse, he seems (almost scarily) balanced between actions outright solving problems or simply moving with the Remnant-native happenings. Seriously, I am extremely impressed with how well everything blends together.
8/19 c28 3Utruk Doomhammer
When in doubt, trust the nose
8/15 c28 6joecola00
Ah. The nose always knows, you know?
8/15 c1 THOTSLAYER9000
Shit story
8/14 c28 fanreader18
Well. I'm not surprised in the slightest. There was no other outcome really. Khajiit have all the senses of a normal cat but better so obviously she'd be caught. She couldn't have known to use scent masking stuff.
8/14 c28 9Dragon Man 180
Considering some of the alchemical reagents J'zargo has had to deal with, even just in passing since he doesn’t seem to have any alchemy skills, how bad does Cinder’s perfume smell to him? I love how his nose was a spammer in the works for her plans and I can’t wait to see the fallout. Neo wasn’t there, so she could bust them out later, it will be interesting to see how things go!
8/14 c28 15Shikaku Zetsumei
Very fun twist. Can't wait to see what comes of this.

8/14 c28 Guest
Amber is saved!
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