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for Beneath a Broken Moon

51m c4 medatron
not sure how I feel about the dragonborn being equal with pyrrah
9/19 c12 26JensenDaniels32
9/13 c16 1nexusplayer
If that happened in-game it would most likely be like this.
*Theif* "Give me all your money!"
*Dragonborn* "Okay take it" -hand's over all cash.-
*Theif* "Your a smart one" -Turn's around-
*Dragonborn* -Reaches into pocket steal's back money and Theif's money-
*Theif* "What do you want?"
9/1 c1 ilayhyams
Clind of a cliche opening RWBY shot, people always make SI show up in the forest.
8/31 c23 TheUnknowableOne
Very fluffy, much appreciated.
8/31 c8 Kodaking
Blake just conveniently has no aura for some reason lmaooo
8/31 c4 Kodaking
I feel like im reading a speedrun of a novel.
8/25 c1 Face Yourself
I do believe this is the first time I've seen someone use a mage Dragonborn in a story, and all I can say is...
8/19 c23 2Quintain Apprentince of Alduin
Such is the curse of Being Dragonborn.

For every good, happy, innocent moment, five potentially world-ending moments must happen.
8/15 c3 EvilHound
So, I get that the story kind of has to nerf the Dragonborn as an in-lore LDB would stomp this setting but seeing him be "scared" by things that are no true threat to him is annoying, not funny, or dramatic.

A couple of possibilities to consider, while it's not realistic to teach any of them a shout, he could still probably teach Ruby magic because of her silver eyes; another one is they should unlock his Aura. I'd like to see what the interaction between Aura and Dragon Aspect looks like, as they're not the same thing.

Anyway, this is pretty interesting, thanks.
8/15 c2 slowdownV2
a very well placed cliffhanger.
8/9 c1 29epic insanity666
8/4 c20 MemoriesBroken
I like how you gave Ozpin his own personal mantra for aura activation that fits his character.
Cool detail there.
8/3 c2 Scaramouche38
If you are looking for massive deviations from canon, you will not find them here.

No butterfly effect?
8/2 c23 RainbowLightning101.1
YES! From the moment I read this fanfic, I had always been secretly hoping Blake and Tristard would get together. Good to know my wishes came true. Anyway, what could 'possibly' be wrong this time *wink* *wink* *hint* *hint*.
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