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12/8/2014 c4 1Angel3687
Dude, sorry. I didn't realize that I hadn't reviewed! :(
LOVE THIS STORY! PLEASE update again soon! :) :D
12/8/2014 c4 6NeoRetro10K
I've been reading from the beginning, it's just that I often don't give reviews.

I'm sure a lot of people read without reviewing and still like the story. A lot of people just don't always know how to put their feelings into words because they're afraid of it sounding sappy. Personally, I'm trying to get better at that and break out of my shell.

I wish you the best of luck in your writing!
12/8/2014 c4 Lalagirl16
sorry! I love your story, I'm just too lazy to review...(or log in apparently.) But I'll review every chapter from now on when the hiatus is over. Update soon!
11/30/2014 c3 6The Horsemen's Commander
Please finish this story. I wanna see what happens next. Thanks!
11/23/2014 c2 TheArtfulDodger
Danny became Dan because he was overcome with grief from losing his family, not losing his human half. Separation from his human half causes his emotions to heighten in his ghost half but not spin out of control. I doubt ghost Danny would have turned into Dan if it wasn't for Vlad being present. In that moment Danny's ghost half felt abandoned and angry, and he took it out on the person who did it to him, Vlad. So he reciprocated the action in taking Vlad's ghost out of him. Not the best idea and definitely impulsive, but not murderous and very Danny-like. In other words, fighting back. He didn't kill anyone until he merged with Vlad's ghost. And so we witness a murderous but very patient and strategic personality meeting an impulsive, powerful, and stubborn personality. And that is what created Dan: cup of grief, a pinch of abandonment, and a barrel full of instability.
11/22/2014 c2 15InnerBeast
Woah! That was cool! I really like where this is going. Please update again soon!
11/22/2014 c2 1Angel3687
Please update soon, since I really can't keep waiting for soooooooooo long… plzz?! 3 3
11/22/2014 c2 1IcyGhostLlama
OH MY GOSH, I LOVE this story so much! :D I've been thinking of something similar to this Chapter (in terms of Danny scaring Jazz to high heaven) and in a similar way, too. Just... My idea has nothing really to do with Dan. (: Not sure if that makes sense, but yeah. XD This story inspires me! I think I'll add a villain to my story idea too! I suppose it would make sense if I did have one. Nothing like Vanity though. I don't want it to seem like I've copied your idea! And, I have to say, this story idea is... OHMIGOSH, amazing...! How the heck did you come up with this?! It's absolutely flawless! :D Pretty please continue soon! :D
11/22/2014 c2 21Cookieplzandthnx
Oh dear gosh. Danny seems to get angry very easily so I guessing they'll be screwed?
11/22/2014 c2 DannyPhantomFanGirl1
I am really interested in this story! Please post more?!
10/19/2014 c1 15InnerBeast
Update please? I wanna know what's
Gonna happen cause it's got so much promise!
10/18/2014 c1 14DB-KT
Whoa! You got me hooked!
Yes Phantom! Let's see how long you can survive without your human half! it Danny surviving without his ghost half...? I wonder...
10/17/2014 c1 1Angel3687
10/14/2014 c1 4Hybridkylin
I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
10/13/2014 c1 2DannyPhantom619
Hmmm...I wonder what some of the ghost might think now that Danny doesn't have his human have right now.
Like Kitty,Johnny13,Skulker,Technus,Spectra, Desiree,Walker,Youngblood, and(my favorite female DP character and favored girl paired with Danny) Ember.


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