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8/21/2019 c1 34Beyondtoday
A very intriguing story. I love how you brought in St. Jude and her Christian belief. So many of Star Trek writers have followed Gene Roddenberry's non-belief in God. He assumed that we would have developed and advanced so that we no longer needed God. I am glad that you brought Christine's belief into this.
5/24/2017 c1 1Kuhlama
"What would that be ?" : ))) Hahaha

This sequel should have a sequel : )

You write Spock Chapel in such a nice way!
Not too cheesy but flirty and a little bit of tension.
I just have to say: Well done
10/15/2014 c1 eternal vampire
You are one of the best. Excellent story. One of the best I have read. And I have read hundreds. Can't wait for more. Take fare snf have a great. Night
10/15/2014 c1 Zanne13
I remember reading the earlier version of this. I like the Spock/Chapel dynamic. Thanks for sharing.

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