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for Trolling with Grimmjow

11/15/2016 c2 Guest
funny cant wait for honey boo boo bashin.
4/3/2015 c2 2Yaoi4596
How did I just find this? It is freaking HILARIOUS! I can imagine everyone from bleach acting like that. You also pointed out very good points in these chapters & I respect you very much, hope you update soon...
3/1/2015 c2 Bookingitbye
Oh my Ulquiorra (baddass emo/goth anime batman there) This fanfiction is genius! I must admit Grimmjow as host is very interesting... He has the amount of Sting's and Laxus's sexiness, badassery, and ego level.

I hope you end up trolling Fairy Tail (always wanted to see FT trolled...) I also thing Rangiku and yourself would probably be terrifying if you were after someone O_O

Update soon! (no pressure)
12/29/2014 c2 AphBookTheif
I love this, it's freaking awesome!great choice for the host.
11/23/2014 c2 4Writophrenic
Oh my gosh, hahaha I seriously struck gold with this one. You are hilarious.

My sister and I used to have the exact same discussion about transformations...who has time to dance on a CD (Musa) when evil witches are about to kill you? And now its just gay and annoying...3D? Seriously? Lame.
I miss the tomboy Musa and bloom, before the "slutted" it

Anyway, I really loved this...A lot. And Rogue rocks :)

Just a suggestion, you should try "Pretty Little Liars" or "SuperNatural"...don't know if you are a fun.
10/16/2014 c1 lol
10/15/2014 c1 Writophrenic
This is as awesome idea... I love it.
LOL... So funny, I still watch TVD and all I can say is this fic idea is genius. I kept laughing from the first sentence down to the last.
I like how you didn't just troll TVD but also fanfiction in general (mpreg and what not)

And thumbs up for picking Grimmjow as the host...perfect choice :)

Can't wait for the next guests (show) and I hope in future you will be accepting requests from followers and stuff.

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