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12/22/2020 c67 3Varkrow
Oh, boy. Imagine my surprise when I got the little notification that a certain little story has been updated. By golly, what a real shock that was.
But seriously, wow. Okay, Hyourinmaru certainly seems on the side of playing along (or maybe?) with the whole situation. Toshiro's lying to himself, Rangiku is upset, but curious, and Gin's just absent this chapter because they are just talking about him, and who really talks about someone to their face?

[Also, 'bout that extra chapter, I say go for it. We've got some crazy stuff here anyways, so why not.]
11/23/2020 c67 Maria
I'm waiting
11/15/2020 c67 AstroScience
Hello! It’s been a really long time, a few years at least, since I last logged into this site, and I already forgotten about this story until I checked my account.
Despite forgetting most of the characters from Bleach, rereading this story filled me with a sense of happy nostalgia, and I want to thank you for allowing me to briefly experiencing my younger self again through your story.
Since you haven’t updated for quite a long while, I really hope you’re doing alright. I’d really like to see this story completed one day :) If you want to move on to a more updated site, please let us know. I would gladly follow your story again.
Take care!
10/28/2020 c67 4lizyeh2000
Thanks for updating! Please update this story!
10/20/2020 c67 Guest
This is a really good read. I am curious to how this plays out and how it is going to end
7/15/2020 c67 Guest
Hola... espero que algun dia te acuerdes... de actualizar... me gusta esta historia... saludoss
4/6/2020 c67 Aiso-san
Awesome story! You've done a wonderful job writing the characters in and giving them some real depth emotion (plus I really appreciate all the research you have put in making thing's pretty accurate ) . I can't wait for the next update! I am super excited about the training fight with Shinta and getting more of the father and son moments that you write so beautifully.
2/9/2020 c67 Supreme Blitz
I can honestly say that Toshiro dreamt up being a Captain of the tenth division and this is reality simply because of how he is acting. He acts too much of a dumb child instead of someone who has a grown up mind in a ten year body. Like the watermelon incident, not vegetables, and other situations that me convinced that he isn't a Captain at all. A lot of arguments seem so unnecessary, they seem more like it is forced humor situation that makes Toshiro too OC than his actual character. I know Toshiro thinks that he his dreaming all of this and trying to fight it, but at the same time he acts too much of a dumb 10 year in situations that makes it frustrating to read.
2/2/2020 c41 52ShadowPillow
Jesus. They really don't listen to him. I wish they would sit down, take him seriously, and really /ask/ him what's going on and believe him when he tells them. They're in a shinigami society. Crazy things happen. The power jump is unexplained and concrete evidence for his case. Why not let him /do/ things?
10/7/2019 c7 2AgiYoi779
Be careful what you wish for, am I right? Also, I've never It's a Wonderful Life except for a Luigi version of it on Dorkly but it takes Toshiro forever to realize what went down. Anyway, good story.
8/30/2019 c67 Guest
Hi! Everything okay? I would like to beg you to update, but I understand if life has gotten on the way. So I ask you to take care of yourself first and not worry about the story, we can wait :)

If it's so that you're doubting your writing, I want to assure that you're a good writer and life's about the progress anyway :) (As if I knew how to heed it myself :'D) And so often we're much harder on ourselves than what we would be on others :( Please try not to be!

With love,
one of your readers
6/5/2019 c67 5amazinglion29
ME ME ME! I'd love to see that deleted scene! (p.s. I've literally been here since chapter 2 and I absolutely love this story! I've read this story at least 11 times now with what you have and I literally can't get enough! Not only that, everything just flows really well! You detail the happenings of each day at the perfect pace. To think it's only been about a week since the change began...)
4/6/2019 c67 jodicolo
Another unfinished fanfic... sad
3/31/2019 c67 1TheLonerLion
Extra scene?! Please! I want to read it! Please!
3/20/2019 c67 Guest
Hey, what happened to updating once a month?
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