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6/11 c1 sacredorchids
I don't get how this story doesn't have as many reviews as your others. It's a masterpiece I can't stop coming back to. Idk if you intend on ever coming back to this fandom and finishing Requiem or starting a new story, but you honestly are so good at not only retelling the stories/events we already know, but creating original stories about patch and nora within the same universe. You do a much better job than beca herself at characterizing nora and patch, and I reread your hush hush fanfics more than the actual series!
8/20/2019 c36 Guest
Thankyou for finishing this! I’ve followed you for such a long time
8/20/2019 c37 sacredorchids
I know I read this years ago but I have to say it anyway; this story was amazing! It was totally worth coming back to and reading your edited chapters. I look forward to reading any other work you decide to revamp or start anew.
8/19/2019 c37 KrissyAD
Love your work so much and am so grateful that you continued it. Best wishes!
8/14/2019 c32 sacredorchids
Why don't you just call Becca up and tell her you're taking over her series? Becuase I swear to God that always irked me too! HOW did he let Hank get away with not swearing? There were so many character and story flaws that got under my skin more and more each time I read the hush hush series. You fix it and fill in the blanks so well.
8/6/2019 c30 KrissyAD
Man, Hank is ruthless. Another amazing set of chapters! Oh and Happy early Birthday!
8/1/2019 c28 sacredorchids
The added details are seriously worth rereading this story
7/30/2019 c28 KrissyAD
oooh, I love the fact that Nora is gaining in on Hank. Another great chapter!
7/25/2019 c19 Chloe
Dude I've been wondering exactly what happened to her during this time also! I just finished all the books, then turned to here because I needed more. I love love love your POV and the events that are unfolding. I definitely feel like it's something Hank would do. Great work hun!
7/25/2019 c22 sacredorchids
I always wished there had been more direct conflict with the archangels in the original books. They are so corrupt and arrogant and not nearly as good and righteous as they pass themselves off to be. I really wish just once Patch and Nora had been able to do something to basically tell them to go f*ck themselves. Letting a young girl stay kidnapped and tortured for "the greater good" is the self righteous bs I expect and you capture it perfectly. Of course, the minute one of THEIR people gets caught up it becomes a state of emergency.
6/25/2019 c15 KrissyAD
Your updates always makes me smile. Thanks for making my week again!
6/25/2019 c1 KrissyAD
Edits really do show Patchs turmoil a lot more passionately. Amazing as always!
6/20/2019 c36 Guest
I love the edits well done
4/23/2017 c35 chloefinley
Loved it yet again!
Every time I read this I cannot decide what is influencing bitter!Nora's thoughts and motivations. You mentioned in your authors comment that someone was losing it and I can't decide if it's Patch or Acadia basso who are projecting the negative thoughts towards him. Maybe it's Dabria being a bitch messing with his head? You writing is so good its keeping me up at night thinking about it all!
7/16/2016 c21 September
I loved this chapter! You made me get the feels. You are such a good writer!
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