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for Kagami's talents and abilities

9/12/2015 c8 Saemoon
It's nice to see another chapter I love your fiction ;)

Aww the GoM is so determined to get Kagami even with a scary sister in their way *-* I hope they will succeed but I know it will be hard to make him understand their romantic feelings XD

I can't wait for the next update so keep writing! :)
9/12/2015 c8 2zeetheempress
Hahaha xD GoM is so effin' cute. Taiga is such a freakin' angel 3 Absolutely love it 3
7/11/2015 c7 5Absalon95
over protective sister hahaha, just the best
the GOM doesn't have it easy and that just makes it better hehehehe
good chapter
and good luck with your texts
7/11/2015 c7 2zeetheempress
Kyaaaaaaaaaaah! Love you Author-san. Thank you so much for updating 3
6/29/2015 c6 Kate
Can u update please its a great story but can u make it more kagami related
6/13/2015 c6 5NeitherSaneNorInsane
I kinda liked the fact that tomoko was a background character. This chapter, because you filled her out more, made her seem a bit Mary Sue ish. One becAuse she's pretty. She plays a dozen instruments. Speaks multiple languages and is a beast at sports. You have really given her much flaws to make her "resonate" with the readers. It makes her seem I reachable and so it make it hard for me to connect with her character.

It's different with taiga because we've already seen him in the anime and we've seen his flaws. His fear of dogs. His irrationality. His basketball idiotness. That's why his talents are so "shocking" and fun to read

I think it was also because you forced all of tomokos character in one chapter that it seemed like a too quick development. It would have been a tad better to calm down on the abilities because she's way to op XD

Not to be bashing on anything. I'm foowing this dang story coz this is a good kagami x GOM but I just wanted to give some constructs criticism considering your using an OC and all :3
6/6/2015 c6 Guest
I really like this!
6/1/2015 c6 18haru no bara
ohhh interesante me gusto bastante
5/16/2015 c6 Guest
I'm not really into OC's and I hope it doesn't go beyond that. Or it might become a mary sue. But so far, I like Kagami Taiga very much I hope you'll focus more about him. Yay! Hope you'll update soon I like your writing style. PLEASE DO!
5/10/2015 c6 MJ
Funny, suprised because of Kagami learned how to play instruments and spoke some other languages and also unbelievable talents
Keep working on that
I appreciate your story
Pls. Update soon
5/9/2015 c6 Katie103
I really like this story but i do have to say i am not too fond of Tomoko. I really wish to see more of GOM and Kagami. Anyway i look forward to the next chapter
5/10/2015 c6 1Ai Tatsuya
Awesome! :)
I love it!
I was practically laughing so hard in the end because of the pillow franchise. As for the next chapter I would probably recommend a fight for Kagami but Kagami isn't aware of it. While that is happening his sister protects her brother from harm? XD
Thats all that I've got and I encourage you to further uploading chapters. I will be anticipating Monsieur/Mademoiselle.
5/10/2015 c6 Anime100
thank you for the update; I hope to read the next chapters soon
5/10/2015 c6 2EminaRukiax
Awww... This chapter is mostly about Tomoko, I'm not really into OC's especially if that OC can match the main characters but oh well, I still like the story! Its GoMKaga fic! I'm impressed the twins knows a lot of languages, especially Kagami since he is a basketball idiot lol! Update soon please :)
5/9/2015 c6 2krisyeol77
scary sister heheheh i love it when kagami talk with Italian girls
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