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3/2 c9 EverForbiddenTruth
I am so emotional right now! Their fight was so amazing, so well written. Congratulations! And now the final scene is leaving me with tears in my eyes.
Elder Sesshomaru is the best!
I just want to say that I really like the way that you write. I find your fighting scenes the best ones I’ve ever read!
I’m having a really good time reading your work! Thank you so much! I may leave more reviews as I read through. Eheh
2/20 c1 Silas
I think it would be okay to continue this story due to the fact that these are your characters now in a sense. Your portrayal of them at least. Your version of these characters were never going to be the same as theirs. Also, I don’t really think the anime sequel is canon. Just like I don’t really view Dragon Ball super as canon. Never know of Toriyama will say “you know what? I’m ready to do a sequel my way. I changed my mind on Super being canon.”

Is that likely? No. But we both know that it could happen.

That said, I totally understand where you’re coming from and don’t blame you.
1/17 c24 silverspetz
It seems like a lot of conflict is generated just from people having some miscommunication with one another. Kaguya and Sango would be ideal allies right now if only Sango didn't falsely believe Kohaku to be dead and Kaguya hadn't developed a bond with a boy she never met at the most inopportune time. This type of tragedy is something of a trademark for your writing I think. Hopefully, she will run into Sesshomaru the younger soon. I really love the way you are developing both of these characters. I didn't comment on the previous chapter, but the way you frame Sesshomaru's refusal to admit his feelings about Kagura as a refusal to admit he failed saving someone he cared about was pretty brilliant. It is such a nuanced way to handle his vulnerability.

Honestly, I haven't been commenting or reviewing as much as I should have on this fic. I really can't tell you enough how cathartic it has been for a story I thought was long dead to come back in the hell year of 2020 to deliver quality content on a regular basis. I needed that.

Tell you what. I will make a late new-years resolution and promise to leave a review on every single chapter you post from now on, and all of them will have at least a little commentary on what is happening and not just be empty compliments.
1/16 c24 31J. Hellscythe
Just keep writing the story you want. That's what fanfiction writing is all about: it's a variation of the story created by a fan.

Don't let the canon events ruin this story for you... besides, you should take the social norms of a different time period into account
1/15 c24 6Hairul The Nightrage Beast
So Kagura having visions of the memories stored within the fan, like an imprint. And now it's Sibling role reversal in which Sango is now in Kohaku's place.
1/15 c24 26saphira404
Happy new year! Thanks for another amazing chapter. I'm always happy to get a Kagura centric chapter. The "dream" scene was gripping and so emotional. I adore Kohaku/Rin and getting a glimpse into their relationship was so cute. I can't wait to see what happens next. So many threads going in so many directions. The possibilities are endless. As always I am so looking forward to what comes next!
1/15 c24 11KiwiWitch
i really enjoyed the dream sequence, it was intelligible enough that i could understand what was happening but still had that surreal quality of a dream. and as much as they currently hate each other i do like seeing Kagura and Sango bonding
12/30/2020 c23 30Hek'UnnSkipper
Loved the interaction between Inuyasha and Sessmom. Usually authors just make Inuyasha look like a joke. But here he showed restrain, respect and the needed annoyance.
12/30/2020 c22 Hek'UnnSkipper
This paragraph

"The blast told him enough. An extraordinarily rare smile pulled barely at the right side of his lip. He'd not moved since he'd managed to push himself back onto his back, but he had an idea of what happened. Inuyasha had killed the creature which had come to falsely give him the end he'd wanted, rather than the one he would now be receiving. It did give him one small comfort, it confirmed to him that Inuyasha was no different than he was in his own time. He would find a way to survive and move forward. Inuyasha's friends had been apart of almost all the success's he had in his own time. He wasn't a single person as a warrior, but a piece of others. Even here, he had relied on others to win his battles. This was the first one where he knew that was not the case."

The last line just cancelled out all the weakness shown by Inuyasha in this fic. And it's very true because all other characters either take a primary ole in fight or get solo moments while Inuyasha always acts as a secondary in the fights. Hope to see more solo fights and an improved Inuyasha. After all if Gohan being a halfbreed can surpass Vegeta, why not Inuyasha?
12/21/2020 c23 11KiwiWitch
I always think your Sessmom is quite good, she isn't overly nice or affectionate, but isn't a complete heartless mother either. I would like to know why she hates Miroku so much tho, since her characterization in the series makes it seem like she doesn't totally loathe humans.

On one hand I'm glad that Rin still gets to have her mother and father, but I'm also in mourning for the Sess dad content we'll now never have.

"It's part of being alive. Being alive?" roll credits
12/16/2020 c23 Alice-0199
I love this title drop
12/16/2020 c23 Silas
Looks like miroku is getting treated like he deserves. Lol.

I’m curious. Does she treat him so badly because he’s human, because of his lecherous (sp?) ways, or because of a mixture of both reasons?1
12/7/2020 c22 Silas
Alright. I’m caught up. Love the “cliffhanger” btw. I went to bed last night thinking “who the hell is showing up and what’s gonna happen to Sesshomaru now?”
12/5/2020 c21 Silas
I just started chapter 21. So tell me I got this right.

The three nee characters introduced at the end of chapter 20, are the children of Inuyasha and Kagome and they killed Inuyasha and Kagome in the past?

But also Naraku is their grandfather somehow?
12/5/2020 c20 Silas
I’m on chapter 20.

The scene with Kagura and Urasue was pretty intense.

As always your fight scenes are exciting and epic. The fight between The Sesshomaru “groups” kept me on edge the whole way. Im interested to see who or what saved the younger Sesshomaru.
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