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for The Journey of a Betrayed Master Book 1: The Master's Tournament

12/7/2014 c8 2Arctic Fox72
Heyyyyyy. There you are. Anywho, interesting thing with Cold.
11/28/2014 c7 5RussianXRouletteXValentineXoXo
sweet, can't wait for the next chapter!
11/21/2014 c7 Lewamus Prime
I was thinking if you can still continue the story of "Betrayal Through the Dark Flames" and which Arc gonna happen and some action
11/21/2014 c7 1Ruby097
that was a splendid chapter. I can't wait to see when will ash reveal himself to iris and cilan. Please update next chapter soon.
11/20/2014 c7 7Lucifers Descendant
finally even though my guy fights the 7th Im happy for the update wonder who will flirt with him
11/20/2014 c7 9Legendary Fairy
*gloms* Alright, never anger Arceus, that is clear, since she can be Dangerous...And hmmmmmm...*hand over her chin, in thought* The man of Team Revenge, that proposed to the Trip and the traitors to join his team, I wonder...Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it can't be, can it?

Well, continue it when you can.
11/20/2014 c7 WhiteEagle1985
A decent chapter here.
11/20/2014 c7 5The Man Known as nWore
First off, I like the new title better than the old one. 2nd: good work with the chapter.
11/11/2014 c6 Shadow Yuki
11/8/2014 c6 1Ruby097
o my God i lost my words to write a review. Such a splendid and great chapter. Gaarh can't wait for the next update. And please try to update it in one two days.
11/7/2014 c6 Red Alfa
Wow great chap poor Paul got disgualified more mega evolving his salamance. Yeay my oc won his match with type disadvantage. Can't wait for the next chap keep up with the great work
11/7/2014 c6 7Lucifers Descendant
So let me get this right we are going to facing legendary pokemon in human form WTF. Again there in ash's harem so ya must win
11/7/2014 c6 WhiteEagle1985
Interesting chapter here!
11/7/2014 c6 5The Man Known as nWore
YAY! My OC's got a love interest. Anyway, great chapter; it's good to have you back.
11/7/2014 c6 4Nintendoes Gamer
Ohh shit Arceus entered the fray
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