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for The Journey of a Betrayed Master Book 1: The Master's Tournament

10/20/2014 c1 9Legendary Fairy
I wanna partecipate too! I put my OC.

Name: Alessandra Cesarini

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: She has waist long brown hair and brown eyes.

Clothes: She wears a blue and White stripped T-shirt, with a black jacket, wears also a mid-long skirt, with White collants and black shoes. Her Mega Ring is a necklace.

Personality: She's kind and friendly, and with a gold heart, shows a friendly personality toward who she can trust but hates the betrayers and who misthreaths Pokemon.


Sceptile (Grass, Grass/Dragon Type), Blade

Bio: He's Alessandra's Starter, he's very loyal to his Master, and shows to care for his team-mates. Around his neck there's the Mega Stone that allows him to evolve into a Mega Sceptile


Dragon Claw



Frenzy Plant

Leaf Blade

Quick Attack

Leaf Attack (Combination to Leaf Blade and Quick Attack)

Mega Sceptile:

Knows Dragon Pulse and Dragon Tail

Shiny Glaceon, Icelady (Ice Type)

Bio: She found her as an Egg in Kalos where she chose to travel as her first region, having the possibility to evolve into eight Eeveevolutions chose to evolve into a Glaceon, she travels out of her Poke Ball.



Ice Shard

Ice Beam

Last Resort



Iron Tail

Ice Tail (combination to Iron Tail and Ice beam)

Last Hope (Combination with four moves: Swift, Ice Beam, Ice Shard and Last Resort, but she doesn't use that often because it request a lot of energy so she uses only as a last resort)

Milotic, Melody (Water type), Melody

Bio's: Alessandra fished her in Unova just by luck and even if many would reject her, she decided to train her. Now she's a beautiful Milotic.


Aqua Ring

Ice Beam


Hyper Beam

Dragon Tail


Iron Tail


Altaria (Dragon Type, Dragon/Fairy Type), male known as Wind.

Bio: Alessandra found her in Hoenn, attacked, as a Swablu, by some Myghtyena but a quick save from Blade was what needed. Soon they became friends and he became his Pokemon. He can Mega Evolve into an Altaria


Dragon Pulse


Steel Wing

Dragon Rush

Dragon Wing (A combination between Dragon Rush and Steel Wing)

Stoutland (Normal Type) Lilly

Bio's: She was abandoned by a trainer as a Herdier and Alessandra had to work on her trusting again humans, but she managed.




Ice Fang

Fire Fang

Thunder Fang


Elemental Crunch (it is a form between Ice/Thunder/Fire Fang and Crunch)

Mienshao (Fighting type) Ace

Bio's: Alessandra found Ace in Jotho, a strange casuality that brought Mienfoo and Alessandra together as a team. One of her most trusted Pokemon and companion



Hidden Power Flying

Sucker Punch

Hi-Jump Kick

Hi Bounce (a combination of Hi-Jump Kick and Bounce)

Giga Impact

It's okay?
10/20/2014 c1 2BloodUmbreon
OH MY ARCEUS I have to say you had Paul one of Ash's bitter rivals turn into his friend and had Max the kid who looked up to Ash betray him...I FUCKING LOVE THIS! And the Harem list NICE!
10/20/2014 c1 2Arctic Fox72
Nice story. I'll put my OC on. I'm not going to give you moves so that way you can customize them.

Name: Arctic Storm
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Personality: He is usually quiet but he will take to friends. He hates people who back stab their friends. (I'm hoping that he could travel with Ash, Gary, and Paul but it's ok if he can't)
Appearance: He has Ruby red eyes and black hair that covers his left right eye.
Clothes: He wears a white robe (Warlock robe from Destiny), white boots, white pants, and white gauntlets. He has a mega stone build into his left gauntlet.

Pokemon team: a white and black female Lucario. (Where their normally is blue, there is white) Her name is Winter and she is never in her ball. She has a crush on Arctic but doesn't know how to tell him. She was also his starter as a Riolu. She can Mega evolve as well.

A pure white female ninetales named Frost. She also is never in her ball. Arctic found her when she was about to be killed by her pack as a Vulpix because of her color. He took her in and took care of her. She is one of his most loyal pokemon. Second only to Winter.

A shiny Male Glaceon named Ice. He was found by Arctic when his old trainer abused him for not evolving. After Arctic saved him, he joined him in his journey and evolved into a Glaceon to continue the trend.

A white and dark blue Garchomp named Glacier. He has the same back story as Frost. He always follows Arctic's commands to the letter and he loves to battle. And eat.

A white and yellow female Pikachu named Cold. (Where there is brown is yellow and where was yellow is white.) Arctic found him when he just hatched and hurt himself on a cliff.

A pure white Charizard that can Mega evolve into Charizard Y named IceBurn. He was abandoned by his old trainer. When Arctic found him, he was barely alive. After saving his life, He followed him around for a bit, not having the courage to ask him if he could join. After helping Arctic in a dangerous situation, he joined him. He is his second strongest, second to Winter.
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