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for The Journey of a Betrayed Master Book 1: The Master's Tournament

4/19/2015 c14 7Lucifers Descendant
so the plot thickens with another trainer and a pokemon lol glad i could play a part in this story
4/19/2015 c14 9Legendary Fairy
Nice chapter I liked it.
4/19/2015 c14 1Corvo Regandorf
Great chapter, can't wait to see Chris's battle. Also yesss shadow got a giratina nice. At first I thought the pokemon stalking Eva was mew but then I realized it wasn't cause mew would have been more playful not to mention the fact you said she was get a diancie.
4/8/2015 c5 GaryH2y
4/6/2015 c13 Red Alfa
Great chap as always and it seems Victor was the first to get his legendary Pokemon and also ash is finally with Serena. Mhmm wonder who well be the next to get their legendary
4/3/2015 c13 WhiteEagle1985
An awesome chapter here!
4/3/2015 c13 5The Man Known as nWore
Oh man. That ending. Gotta love Amourshipping. Great work. I can't wait to see which OC will get a legendary next.
4/3/2015 c13 thor94
so victor obtained kyurem and ash is with serena.
hope next you give ash a very very powerful legendary; he is the chosen one, he deserve something more powerful or at least similar to the unova dragon trio, and beside them, i see only the creation trio dragon of sinnoh (the other pokemon can't compare to those 6 primary dragons)
4/3/2015 c13 7Lucifers Descendant
Victory first legendary and two pokemon still to be announced good job chris and his past
4/3/2015 c13 9Legendary Fairy
I like the chapter, it's really nice, so Victor has Kyurem and I like Amourshipping.

Continue it, when ya can.
3/24/2015 c12 Guest
i looked at vsizzle's profile and about the storys you mentioned called the kanto champeon or whatever,on his profile,they have not been updated for 2-4 years or something.

does anyone know why these fics havent been updated?

im mainly asking you as they are in the reccomended bit at the end of the chapter.

but other than that great chapter. i really wasnt expecting a victor should have gone with everyone else but now i feel really bad because chris's house was destroyed.
3/25/2015 c12 Red Alfa
As always great chap, so im guessing that at Kiou island is where all the oc well get their legends? And it seems Victor will get hus shit with kyurem. Well as always keep up with the great work
3/24/2015 c12 5The Man Known as nWore
Great chapter here. It seems like this is where the OC's start to get their legendaries. It's nice to see you update so regularly; keep it up.
3/24/2015 c12 WhiteEagle1985
Great chapter here!
3/24/2015 c12 1Corvo Regandorf
I like it good character development
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