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for A Birth

7/28/2020 c1 Likmereet
1/25/2020 c1 1DemonkingRazronnal
Awesome chapter
5/12/2018 c1 Guest
Kill yourself, psycho virgin.
11/16/2017 c1 6Uwaah
Did I never review this? HMMMMMMMMM
Thank you, Leafy.
8/6/2017 c1 16zigmas
This was published just a couple weeks before we got introduced to the REAL kiddies. :)
And you got the Hokage number wrong by one, lol.
8/1/2017 c1 JayJay
Agh! So ardorbubbles! :D
9/5/2016 c1 guest
Kill yourself, delusional virgin.
6/22/2016 c1 13Trace Reading
Please don't do that Uzumaki Namikaze thing.

He's Uzumaki. As he was created so he shall stay.

Plus it flies in the face of both Japanese naming conventions (yes I know the setting isn't Japan) as well as the rules regarding nobility and marriage. The Uzumaki were basically landed gentry while Minato...was not from an established Clan, despite being the commander in chief of an entire army.
6/6/2016 c1 guest
Kill yourself, delusional virgin fag.
8/28/2015 c1 16Duesal Bladesinger
Ouch! TWINS? That must've been rough on Hinata.
5/20/2015 c1 43satomika
Nice! :D
3/4/2015 c1 1Ramrikai
I decided to save the review for the last part of this triptych. All three were very well done, as usual. That last paragraph was enough to give me happy chills. The image of Force ghost Minato, Kushina, and Jiraiya smiling happily over Naruto and family has always been one of my favorites. I remember reading A Proposal and A Wedding before, but I believe that was before I created my own account, so I couldn't add them to a favorite list. Mistake now rectified.
1/31/2015 c1 creativesm75
10/31/2014 c1 biofan09
I had flashback to Naruto's birth, especially how similar Hinata and Kushina acted (I'm going to buy myself a metal gauntlet if I ever have a child). I am a little teary eyed because of this.
10/29/2014 c1 24Marchgirl
It was very sweet and touching. Nice work :D
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