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2/4/2015 c5 tgms177
i overall like the idea behind the story, but that was a weird ass chapter xD
2/3/2015 c5 redDaeth
... Yakumo Kurama is one of my first picks for the harem becuase of the fact konoha's civilians will view her as a ... well she has a 'demon' so they would see getting rid of her as a plus to sealing the treaty as well as the fact she might die from the ailment.
Hana Inuzuka her three companions increase her value as a bride and the council will see her as a good pick becuase of the fact she lacks a 'true' bloodline as well as the fact the the Inuzuka seem to...independent for the councils taste.
Tsume Inuzuka same reasons as her duaghter but also the council can use it as a punishment for the clans ..disrespect of them in the past by essentially banishing the clan head with out actually breaking into the clan's business or touching the village laws.
Good luck and god bless redDaeth
2/3/2015 c5 VortexTundra
I saw that this got 3rd place, and if you ever do come back to it. The one I recommend is Tsume. She's feral and could either be dominate or submissive. That and she's a MILF. Stories that include Tsume are small and not tended to anymore. So Tsume, is my main chose.
1/29/2015 c5 OSR fanatic
Great Story! :) Update Soon! :)
1/27/2015 c5 5Mr.unknow
(First picks)
the sister pair (the hyuuga) seem like a great thing for any harem because, heck who doesn't think sister pairs is hot?

[Also given the facts that to help be more understand between the clan and village, hinata did love naruto but to shy to say when she was lil and didn't get a chance, with her sister supporting or thought naruto was cute as well]

(second pick)
the mother and daughter (the inuzuka) would also be a great pair as a milf to hot bitch. [maybe thinking of having the peace offering, and maybe naruto can get some while they re in heat, lol]

I can't really decide who after this because one of these pairs or all 4 would be something to have. that my vote to say.
1/27/2015 c5 4superzilla2016
i think kurenai yuhi is a good choice she is from a small clan so konoha isn't losing anything...plus in canon asuma her lover dies...i think she deserves someone that's harder to kill
1/26/2015 c5 Legion4311
How about hanabi hyuuga for she is interested in power isn't she and could learn to be less arrogant from naruto
1/25/2015 c5 Ormurinlangi
Tsume definetly, she gets way to little atention ;)
1/25/2015 c5 2te.nellis
Hinata or Yakumo as fellow outcasts they would be kindred spirits to Naruto and support him having no love for the village. Anyway Keep it up!
1/25/2015 c5 firehawk213
I didn't see an actual vote thing up, so I'll just put my vote here. I vote either Hana or Tsume just because the pairing for both is unique, and the two are the only ones I can see matching Naruto's energy level.
1/25/2015 c5 1Dage
Nice chappy my vote is for Eother Tsume or Hana Inuzuka
1/25/2015 c5 Burn Shadow
Ha I love the eye bit this is a great story can't wait for the next chapter. And Shina Aburame for the win I mean her insects eat chakra so whos to say she can't get flesh eating ones to match Naruto. Plus you can hardly find a good Fem-Shino x Naruto fix these up the amazing work Nightmares Around Winter!
1/25/2015 c5 Apocalyptica-sama
Normally I would say Anko, but yeah...she's pretty much already in the harem isn't she?
I'll go with my OTP this time then, Hinata. I'll admit there are lots of issues with this, mostly because of Kumo's relationship with her clan...
Obviously she will probably carry the Seal, but I think she is the one most likely to change in order to adapt to Naruto's requirements and perks of his body. Ino, Kurenai, Yoshino and even Hanabi would be disgusted if they watch Naruto drink blood and be a savage beast. While I don't really see any of the Inuzuka's leaving the pack or any of the Heir's leaving their home. I can imagine the Hyuga Elders taking advantage of the chance to get rid of Hinata just for the sake of making her "unable to further disgrace the clan". I can totally see her accepting and loving Naruto despite who he has become and what he does. It would also give both Naruto and Kumo(specially Kumo) an opportunity to elevate their reputation by not having Hinata be a baby factory despite common beliefs. I also see Yakumo and Shina doing that since they are also looked upon with disdain in some circles. Yakumo for her inner demon and Shina just because she carries insects within her body.
There's also the fact that even if Hinata is completely devoted to him, things are bound to start of rocky considering she will feel extremely threatened at the start due to her past experiences with Kumo shinobi, so you have opportunities to write some very rare harems scenes in where everything isn't perfect and the members aren't best friends from the get go. She's would also be the most probable to have drastic changes if she was abandoned by her clan and in order to better herself to redeem her past inaction toward Naruto.

Honestly though, as long as you don't pair up Hinata with anyone other than Naruto(Just don't pair her up at all, you'll be more successful that way...way too many NaruHina fans) and NaruAnko happening here...then I'm totally cool with whatever decision you make.
1/25/2015 c5 1Neosfotty
I vote for Hinata Hyuuga
1/24/2015 c5 La Belle Coeur
If you think ab8 it Konoha should not offer someone with kekkai genkai for the marriage.
So that means
-Kurenai Yuhi
-Yugao Uzuki
-Anko Mitarashi
are plausible ones to be offered.
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