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for Skipping Stones

4/14 c10 Druto
Man , bleach is so good. Why did it have to end ?
4/14 c9 Druto
I just can't resist
4/14 c8 Druto
4/13 c7 Druto
Thought I could fly
4/13 c6 Druto
4/13 c5 Druto
4/13 c4 Druto
4/13 c3 Druto
4/13 c2 Druto
I am lovvvvviiingggggit
4/13 c1 Druto
A pretty great start
3/26 c31 Dirtyreeds
This is sooo good! I love it!
3/13 c31 2Yumi Edogawa
I enjoyed the story! I hope you continue it, especially this arc, because it's very interesting. I like seeing how Ichigo and Zangetsu interact.
12/9/2020 c31 5Bel potter
Will you continue writing this fic? Please continue. I love it and stay in the air with this story.
Greetings from Chile
10/21/2020 c31 1Murderleo38
algun dia... solo... algun dia volvera y actualizara
10/16/2020 c31 ocomhdhain1
"I will be traveling for the next several weeks and won't have Internet, so this is the last update for a while."

hmmmmm *squints at the 'Updated: Jul 4, 2017'* i wonder how much longer.
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