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1/18/2015 c1 1daedaliaaan
*crying* THE FEELS!
11/18/2014 c1 SaturatedFat
Damn. I forgot to drop a review.

Very creative of you to write a fic from Mrs. Tsurugi's POV cuz, honestly, not many people had ever thought of what our lovely Kyousuke's mother think of his children. I have always liked the way you describe things.
10/31/2014 c1 Passerby
At last, something fresh and different that's worth my time. Good luck for the exam!
10/30/2014 c1 Seiren-dit-pity
Gosh, it took me so long to review this, you're probably in your exams right now. Fingers crossed!

I like the way you focus on the mum. For once, at last(!), someone thinks about the parents, thank you. And for once, they're not appalling parents leaving their toddlers take care of themselves while they're on business trips or abandoning their offspring in railway station...

Sorry, rant over. I love the way you portray the mum, worried about her sons, trying to make things right, putting on a happy ask while the situation clearly takes its toll on her (I like how she has too loose clothes now and not the time to buy fitting ones).
The ending is great: I liked how you linked the hospital scene to canon events. And the way Yuuichi tries to cheer up his mum is very touching: for once, the roles are reversed and you can feel he's totally at peace with his condition.

Thanks for this lovely read!
10/24/2014 c1 4KuraiHaru17
Aw, that was so heart-warming and cute. Just as expected from Hinano-san! I really loved it.

Slacking off, huh? Sounds like me! :D


はるちゃん :)
10/22/2014 c1 2Nororo
This is so beautiful Sofea! c:
It's been a long time since i've read your writing.

I love the simplicity, feeling, and message it gives.
Wonderful job!

Also, good luck with your O-Levels! c:
10/21/2014 c1 8Lotus Sword

This was sweet! :3 Most Tsurugi family fanfictions focus on how Kyousuke feels bad for his brother's legs, not on his mother's point of view. It's refeshing to read a story about how Yuuichi's parents feel. :)

Once more, good luck with your O-Levels
10/21/2014 c1 17Monolaymoo
Short and sweet
10/21/2014 c1 3Ajla-chan
This made me happy! Bravo!

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