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for An Illogical Night

9/24 c2 Guest
abortion is not an option ?
9/11 c2 Debbie Hicks
3. Chapter 3.
that suddenly fe;lt from him a strange light from our three then exploded Sedek felt from myself icy calm hair ws styled had Brown-black irises Sedek yes I Have Brown-black irises wearing this on my head is Princess'Lilli's crown I Am noblity of my blood is not human you and I Are imzadi what it means beloved it's Betazoid We are married naked privately oh hello Captain Picard what a nice walk in here who are you please Sammatha yes Dawn Read Spier you presided in the NASA Bodysuit without clothes yes Called someone it's Ambassador Lwaxana Troi your aunt you are adopted Sedek you married her by both planetary cultures do you grace her a massage and oiling yes to make her feel better Sir she married them both naked it's Betazooid-Vulcan law younow share a life bond of a husband and wife share a Spiritual bond Sammatha have you intimate yes it was my true name suddenly a finely dressed woman her mother Aunt meet my husband Sedek of Vulcan madam he was so polite formal was very ceremonial has rich manners of a Ancient Vulcan lord he was i his robes so do I Adopted his way of robes wore a necklace was movie from Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock is she is my Wife myself myself did place my fingers to his was scanned by T'Rea Sammatha you are in fact at a healthier 10 months the pon'farr is sated you are going to have a thing within then it really happened a child Of his but you must heal from here.
8/29 c2 KaffeeKonsum
Lucky me I found this story:-D
I'm eager to know how their relationship unfolds.
Thank you for the new chapter and I hope for an update.
8/14 c2 1ekeer
I don't know whether I prefer her to be pregnant or not. If she is they will bond and marry and stuff and i like to read that, but if she's not... will they date? Will we see his POV in this? This story can go any way and I'm interested.

PS. She seems to be an alcoholic. Can someone even be am alcoholic if it's synthenol?
8/15/2016 c1 anncathrinskywalker
his homeworlds ethics demand him to get married? poor bloke. yet, I like the interplay.
3/21/2016 c1 tea for the tillerman
This is really good! I'd love to see what happens next!
10/22/2014 c1 Ahlisha
Yikes. Heh. Opps. I think these two have a lot of talking to do.
I'm curious of what happens.

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