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for The Debt of Time

7h c129 1k5purple
I love Ginny's reaction so so much haha
12h c9 k5purple
And you saved Dobby..i am in love with you now, my friend...lol
12h c8 k5purple
yaaaay! im so glad you made Draco kill Lucius...hehehe
10/18 c154 Charismatic Mouse
I lack the words to properly explain how marvelous this is. Thank you so much!
10/18 c15 1ProudFangirl23

Reading this for the Merlin-knows-th(...?) time!

I can't wait to finish it (and read it again) because this story never EVER fails to bore me. I think this is even better than HP itself, and that HP just sets a bit of the storyline down for us. DoT tells the rest. I hope you get well soon, Shaya! The world absolutely adores you!

-(a very) ProudFangirl23
10/18 c154 Guest
Really well written and thorough...cool storyline wow
10/16 c153 5WJEvans
This story destroyed me and stitched me back up just to have the process start over and over again. This is the most thought out, incredibly well done story. I’ve never read so much so quickly while trying to really absorb it all
I loved every bit of mia/Remus and mia/Sirius, but this was almost a james/lily story for me. The most breathtakingly painfully beautiful james/lily story (their first kiss, the wedding, Harry, her letter...)
I completely understand why previous reviews say they have read this multiple times, as I know I will return to this story (and want to start it again even though I just finished it)
You have such a gift- thank you for sharing it with us. This story gave me hours and hours of escapist comfort during these dark times
10/15 c100 WJEvans
I’ve been reading this on ao3 bc I need the extra smutty distraction from all the heartbreak. This story is so incredible. The emotions just pour off the screen and into my bloodstream. I can’t remember the last time something made me go through this many emotions
10/13 c68 WJEvans
Ouch my heart
10/13 c67 WJEvans
Yes, I am leaving another review because THIS is the james potter who faces the big baddie to save his family knowing it will end in defeat. My heart. Also my heart is aching for all of them right now
Even seeing peter not be the absolute worst here. There’s good and bad in all of us
10/13 c63 WJEvans
Okay, while I absolutely needed hermione to talk to Mia and make me feel better about the future i know she CAnt change, her words were also helpful to me as someone reading this during the pandemic
10/13 c59 WJEvans
Dumbledore make me want to throw my phone across the room! I basically started crying at hermione’s frustration. And I understand his reasoning but I just cannot stand it
This is torture and it’s because you write so well
10/13 c49 WJEvans
Sirius had to pull that awful prank- that’s part of his history and who he is and why he turns out the man he is. I’m happy you kept it in and didn’t change it

Also, how you’ve woven the books/movies with this story is just absolutely brilliant. they honestly make more sense with this story
10/13 c46 WJEvans
The mauraders are absolute perfection
10/13 c39 WJEvans
A fox! Brilliant! And absolutely more in character than a cat imo
God I just hate peter
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