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1/6 c154 6teen
hi, just wanted to come on here and leave a long overdue review. i remember i first read this fic around a year ago and i was pretty skeptical at first both due to length and due to it being a marauders fic (at the time i had only ever read golden trio era fics so ig i was intimidated lol idk). then i picked it up and COULD NOT STOPPPPP ofc bc of the PHENOMENAL WRITING and partly bc of dilf sirius at the beginning LMFAO i see him as ben barnes. BUT OMGG the way u craft this world and the plot and EVERYTHING fits SO PERFECTLY. this fic made me sob SO HARD at the part of the resurrection stone which is such a feat cus i like barely cry due to writing (only movies LOL) and out of all the fics ive read in my lifetime (i'd estimate around 100 book length ones) ive only ever SOBBED to 2 and this was one of them. i got SO attached to these characters bc i basically watched them grew up and experienced their life as they grew older (and then died). i knew their personalities, their quirks, their likes, their dislikes, their ways of talking, etc. i swear i did not sleep once i picked this fic up LMFAO i think i finished it in 4 days which is INSANE when i look back cus thats 750k words WTF LMAO (like half of manacled?!) but goshhh every minute was so worth it. this book invoked my emotions sm like idk i would feel so happy when the characters were happy and so sad when they were sad. everything just made sense and fit and it was such a unique approach to the marauders. i loved every single one of them (maybe except peter): jamie for his protectiveness (and THANK U SHAYA FOR THE NICKNAME JAMIE it's adorable), lily for her head-on personality, remus for his soft and empathetic persona, sirius for his goofyness, etc. and MIA it was such a treat to watch hermione grow alongside them and her personality change. i also love how u brought mia back to the present so we could have both sides of the story that was so heartwarming omg. anyways THE RESURRECTION STONE SCENE i cant that broke me it took SO LONG to get over that scenes i was literally flooding my eyes IT WAS SO EMOTIONAL def bc i felt so connected and close to jamie so when he appeared? in this context? cue the floods. and LILY KNOWING MIA WAS FROM A DIFFERENT TIME? OMGJDSKJNSJF. and i also loved marlene, alice, mary, etc. CHARLUS AND DOREA OMG loved them. i also love how u encapsulated the vibe of every era: the dangerous horcrux hunting time, the confusing-but-exciting time when mia first went back, the carefree and exciting times of mia's years at school w the others (filled w the occasional teenage problems), the slowly-ominous older years, the overwhelming feeling of mia's return to the present, the contentness and settling down of the current time after it all. AND THE PRANKS OH GOD THE PRANKS LOLLLLL. i could go on and on abt this fic and i havent even reread the entire thing since my first read a yr ago (other than the occasional rereads of specific chapters i liked in the weeks following my finishing of the fic). alas i sadly DID NOT get sent back in time and i DO NOT have all the time in the world so i shall end this review here. i DEF will be reviewing again bc i plan to reread this entire fic AS SOON AS I HAVE TIME. ANYWAYS LOVE THIS FIC IT CHANGED MY LIFE AND IS TOP TIER ON MY LIST
1/1 c128 VeelaGio
Oh well. Not every story works for everybody. This one didn't work for me. I don't like Mia. I don't understand the point of Hermione's travel back in time when she just lived her awkward teenage years twice without changing anything to the original outcome. Not badly written. Just not for me. After skimming through Book Two and Three I am going to throw the towel and DNF.
12/30/2021 c54 VeelaGio
Pfff... I am trying to find this book interesting but honestly I don't see where the story is going and while it's going nowhere it's not a particularly interesting read. I have made it this far by skimming through. The book is so long and had such good reviews that I keep on hoping that something will happen that will make it better.
But smh. You keep on reading that nothing will change anyway and you already know the end... This whole book two is boring.
12/29/2021 c145 Kali-blue
This is fantastic. I believe I’d read the story up to Mia being forward in time and actually forgot HG pulled Sirius out of the arch with Remus. Rereading it all has been a hoot as well as sad at times. I totally enjoyed Ginny’s first glimpse of Mia and her response to an uninhibited Hermione. Plus bonus for Ginny solving charmed mistletoe much to Remus and Mia’s chagrin. This Wizengamot session is gold and I’m loving it. Kali
12/24/2021 c154 17libaka
What an amazing story! Enjoyed very much
12/18/2021 c1 whitney.herne
I have been irrevocably changed by this story. obviously, you gotta read it on AO3 to get the full deets of some scenes, but this story is so. much. than the smut. it's a smart, clever rewrite of the Deathly Hallows. it's a heartfelt, heartbreaking (but fun) exploration of the Marauders' era. to top it off, it's got a beautiful, savagely satisfying conclusion. anyways gonna go read it for the fourth time k thx byee!
12/18/2021 c84 Mudbloodweasley
wait wait wait girl I applaud you! anal and vagina fucking at the same to e I honestly thought that she would suck Sirius dick while fucking moony
12/11/2021 c154 CadetWillett
Well, I pissed my husband off for how long I spent reading this story, but it was worth every second. I enjoyed reading this story so much, and I know I'll be back again.
12/11/2021 c153 1tRAWRasaurusRex
Just finished my re read. Still absolutely blown away at your attention to detail and pure genius in thinking it up, and executing it so perfectly. I can tell you put years of your life into this story and it shows. Thank you for sharing it with me again. ️
12/4/2021 c154 Nut Toxx
second time I read this. But this time in the middle I went to Ao3 to avoid the content leaked here, which to my taste takes away the charm of this masterpiece. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU!
12/3/2021 c154 3Kiwi-Hunnii
This is the best time travel hp fanfiction I have read. It made me laugh and cry and not want it to end. Can't wait to read it again once I've finished grieving that it ended!
12/2/2021 c1 rb-kp
My favourite fan fic ever written. I return to this story often, so much emotion and each time I re-read I find something I missed before! Incredible x
11/29/2021 c154 kinley626
One of the best things I've ever read. I return to this story at least once a year. Even after all this time, it never stops being fantastic.
11/22/2021 c154 1phantomgirl21
this is an absolutely AMAZING story! I love it so much!
11/20/2021 c119 phantomgirl21
You're right, Padfoot. This is it. Your death is what sets everything in motion.
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