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for Grayed Lines and Grayish Eyes

12/25/2021 c1 1tumblr person
I don't know but somehow this makes up for the hurt that Gilbert met when Anne rejected him in Anne of the Island.
4/8/2021 c1 mang0fruitblast
Love this! First person Gil is a rare treat
9/10/2017 c1 aidni
i'm insulted by your criticism of my eyes :) haha no, i love a good character study, thank you
9/16/2016 c1 1GoTeamSkipper
Loved this! Good job on Gil's POV.
3/25/2016 c1 Anna
That little description about the White Sands set also always stood out to me in the original story, and I'm so happy that you decided to expound upon it- I don't think I've ever read another fic that did! I look forward to reading more of your work!
9/15/2015 c1 Guest
Yes, great one shot and makes Gil more human and more amazing to have waited for so long with so little encouragement
4/22/2015 c1 5CharlotteWarren
If only there were more modern-day guys like Gilbert! I really liked this!
4/10/2015 c1 4Rowena Pendragon
This was a sweet story. Gilbert is such a great guy, but he certainly sets a girl's expectations really high, haha.
2/1/2015 c1 2rightfromthebeginning
What a good insight into Gilbert's time at White Sands. Loved the story! I love reading Gilbert's POV.
11/9/2014 c1 Guest
Your stories are always so good! Thanks!
10/22/2014 c1 7DianaStorm09
I tremendously enjoyed reading this one-shot. The quote you picked is one of my favorites in Anne of Avonlea, it nicely summarizes the spell he was under from the day that slate hit his head :)
You did an awesome job getting into Gilbert's head, and dealing with the natural desires he may so vividly feel and the juxtaposed high moral standard he aims to stay true to. Thanks for this little treat, it definitely helped build the anticipation for your continuation of "Around the Bend".
10/22/2014 c1 28Sleepless Eremite
This was really enjoyable to read! I loved the peek into Gilbert's head, and watching him struggle. How romantic that he overcame temptation for Anne! It is a real, human struggle as you said, and it was nice to see that portrayed. Your writing is exquisite, and your characterization is also fantastic. Once again, great work and thank you for sharing :)
10/22/2014 c1 13Lilies of Avonlea
This was a wonderful one-shot Jenn. I love the little details you put in, and when Gilbert about to kissed Hattie I stopped reading a moment. However, I wanted to know what happened next so I kept reading. You have no idea how relived I was when he didn't.

Great job
10/22/2014 c1 Astrakelly
I thought it was rather interesting, Gil isn't perfect and that's what makes him a good character, he is more human by being flawd. Always like a complex character
10/22/2014 c1 Angie
Loved the story from Gilbert's point of view as it really shows that he loved Anne since the beginning and shows that Anne feels the same way but can't admit it. Loved it and can't wait for your next story.
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