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5/1/2015 c1 Toukia
So sweet I think I'll have a toothache and cavities for a whole month. :3 But heavens, sweet Ichigo just makes me jelly and everything. Such words every lady wants to hear, lucky rukia. Mehe. Thanks for making me giddy with this story. :3
4/9/2015 c1 1Ayrmed
Sounds like a man who reads Shakespeare.
11/2/2014 c1 Indian Blossom
Sooo sweeet ...
10/24/2014 c1 curiocherry
oh man...how Ichigo could be so that sweet and romantic! truly a Shakespeare fans, ne?
Too sweet!
10/22/2014 c1 hopelessromantic
crying. this is sooooo touching.
10/22/2014 c1 1Mendygracechan
Hell yeah we're on the same boat, I've been deprived of Ichiruki moments in the manga lately (if that's what you mean). This was a refreshing drabble!
10/22/2014 c1 Player Zero
Very nice
10/22/2014 c1 2The Clawed Butterfly
The Strawberry is so adorable to his soul mate!
10/22/2014 c1 chinkie
So cute!
10/22/2014 c1 4SelinaSol
Aww... this so sweet. I love it. Can help it, but I'm sucker for romance and fluff. Anyways, this is awesome!
10/22/2014 c1 Guest

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