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6/4/2015 c1 39Gitana del Sol
AZ! Okay, so I know this is suuuper late BUT I did promise you a review for this and, well, here it is. Okay, half of it, because I am squeezing this in before rushing out. I promise you will get the last half before summer begins though!
FEAR: I liked this one a lot, especially how you depict Narcissa as a grown woman who can and does understand the war. She is not abused by or being lied to by Lucius; she, too, agrees with what is happening, because for people like the Malfoys, joining the Dark Lord wins them everything. Yet you make it very clear that even the top have something to fear – war threatens EVERYONE. I really liked how you contrasted Bella and Lucius, and while I am sort of crying because it vilifies Bella, it completely humanizes Lucius and I absolutely adore it! “On Lucius, it is reasonable, it is political commitment …[it can] be rationalized and compartmentalized” – that is just perfect!
“She doesn’t know anymore if she truly fears for Bellatrix, or if she has come to fear *her*” – ahhh yessss! Though this makes me think this all takes place during the 2nd war rather than the 1st…?
Also, super small point here, but you have Narcissa sleep on Lucius’s right side, which is how he’s able to throw his left arm over her, and since that is a little headcanon detail of mine, I totally died and came back at that part x)

DESIRE: As a humungous Lucissa shipper, a vignette with this emotion as the title just sends me squealing. What can I say? I ABSOLUTELY ADORE HOW FORMAL YOU MAKE THEIR FLIRTING! [fangirling noises here] I love these two so much and you wrote it so perfectly! They have such a deep connection, their whole interaction a series of pushes and pulls, and it is so brilliantly done. He says her name “in such a soft and quiet way” but it “demand[s] her undivided attention.” And then her calling him darling at first (yep, Cissa uses this pet name in my head, too) and then Mr. Malfoy later. The touching, the rising steaminess, ahhhh these two are so darn CUTE! I love that they are a match for each other – literally teasing the whole way, as if to see who caves first. Loving Lucius’s comment of “Such impatience” – it’s so perfect! And obviously it’s Cissa who suggests having fun on the desk. ;)

ANGER: the subject of this emotion being Droma is perfect, because I feel like Droma’s marrying Ted was seen not as a political move but as a personal insult by both Bella and Cissa. They would have seen it as betrayal. “She doesn’t believe it’s fair, that it should still impact her so.” – this was so perfectly Cissy, I just couldn’t even. ;) I loved the emotions in here, the pacing and the descriptions. And throughout all of it we get how confused Cissa is, how she still doesn’t understand and as much as she hates it and has surpressed it, it really is still a huge insult, Droma having left.
“It makes her feel so small, this disregard of both herself and everything she believes in, adding insult to injury – and *nobody* should ever be abl to make Narcissa Malfoy feel small. Yet somewhere deep inside of her, hidden in the dark, there is a little girl crying for her sister.” – THIS. You. Hit. Gold. I was actually consumed with envy for a split second after I read that line because it was THAT perfect.
This vignette was one of my favourites of all of them.

PRIDE: “She is perfect” – well, we are starting off this vignette right on point, aren’t we! It’s totally Cissy though lol. I loved this piece, too; first, that was a very clever way of adding in that wonderful description of Cissy, and two, it all has a point – she isn’t just pretty for no reason. “Tonight she must charm and Lucius convince – or the other way around, occasionally.” – I loved that line! And then, right at the very end, you characterize Lucissa so beautifully, so perfectly: “On his arm, she is stronger still…Together, they stand united and powerful, their heads held high.” I – just – squeee!

WORRY: I love that this is about her being pregnant. I like to think she and Lucius had a hard time conceiving, and she’s so used to be the pretty one who just commands everyone’s attention, so all these body changes are very likely going to set her off on an emotional rollercoaster! Plus, it’s so very human, and I love when peope humanize the villains!

But overall - like, everything - I ADORE this work of yours and favourited it immediately! 3
12/29/2014 c1 deletes
I read this one when you first posted for the challenge, and I enjoyed it just as much this time around as the first. It is a really lovely, believable character study of Narcissa, so cleverly organised around emotions. The Lucissa was a particularly enjoyable aspect, which surprised me when I first read it, because I'm not a fan of het in general, let alone these two, but it feels so real and canon I can't help but appreciate it. The way they complimented and supported and cared for her other was really well done. Her pregnancy and interactions with Bellatrix were probably my favourite parts, ooh, and also her anger at Andromeda for leaving the family. And ironic ending is ironic, hehehe.

A few typos I noticed:

such striking news have (has) had no impact on her
imaginings of the worse (worst)
she is bearing a (an) heir
11/13/2014 c1 533alyssialui
Omg I love this so. A study of emotions of Narcissa Malfoy. The Malfoys are my favorite characters, next to the Blacks, and I love your portrayal of Narcissa. She's deeper and stronger than people give her credit for. She's gone through a lot and has to be strong for those around her, her family, her sister and herself.
I love that you show Narcissa's reaction to Andromeda leaving. I love the cute moments between the couple. I love how you made Bella interested in the pregnancy and more human though she still has her obsession with the Dark Lord's cause. Great fic overall and I wish I could favorite this twice.
11/5/2014 c1 655Lamia of the Dark
This was an interesting introspection into Narcissa's character.

It's a bit jarring how disconnected some of the scenes are from each other, so sometimes it doesn't even feel like the same story (like the bit about her father's death being thrown in there in the middle).

I like how you portrayed her interactions with Lucius, especially in the second scene. ;)
10/25/2014 c1 27Hermione Is My Role Model
I loved this, I think you captured Narcissa perfectly!
10/22/2014 c1 234tinylexie
I really can't express with words how much I loved this. You really captured Narcissa beautifully. She believes in the Pureblood cause, but a part of her (some sixth sense) is telling her that all is not well. I loved how you pointed out the difference between Lucius and Bellatrix: Lucius just follows the cause while Bellatrix lives it. I got the sense that Narcissa, even though she still loves Bellatrix dearly, did not like the changes that were occurring in her sister. I also loved how Narcissa felt complex emotions. I especially loved the Lucissa moments (especially the moment with the desk, LOL). You also showed the true devotion and commitment that Lucius and Narcissa have towards each other without going overboard with it and without making them sound like hopeless romantics (which they are not). You did a very good job with this.
10/22/2014 c1 337The Bickering Kingdom
This is brilliant Azzie

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