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6/26/2016 c1 Guest
This is just great and wonderful! Good job!
11/15/2014 c1 101Ceikaiyia Cheeks THE DIRECTOR
This is so going in my favorites :D
11/14/2014 c1 o0Aslania0o
Aww.. love it! Hate my sIsters though but dammn! Nice story dude! *gives you a trophy* i read all your stories and i must say that you are a great author! I hope you will be an official author someday, i will surely buy your book (if i know ur naMe XD ) well bye then _
10/22/2014 c1 130Maleficent-darkgoodwitch2416
That's so sweet. :)
10/22/2014 c1 untamableshipper
Oh, such cuties! The Beifong sisters are really adorable, especially when you write their characters. Keep up the good work!

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