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1/17 c29 John Spangler
Some parts were indeed disturbing, but after all it's a Dark Eldar. Still, great writing!
1/16 c29 Look2021
Happy new year to you too and good story!
1/16 c29 7Antony444
Ah the Drukhari...truly the galaxy would have been a far nicer place if Slaanesh had killed them all during its awakening.
11/29/2020 c28 FloraFlorapower
Awesome Story .

It’s hard to find good AoS storys here so I am really happy to find that you are trying your hand at it and it is great. You capture that outside of colourful artwork and short storys that AoS can be very dark, cruel and sad.

I read a lot if AoS books and battletomes if you ever want a helping hand I like to help even thought my english sucks.
11/2/2020 c27 6Ragnarok Ascendant
So, um...what happened to chapter 28?
10/31/2020 c27 3RohanVos
Wonderful installment, I truly wish Felix would return in the Age of Sigmar, I greatly disliked his fate in WFB.
10/31/2020 c27 Dasgun
10/31/2020 c28 1EVA-Saiyajin



Oh hell yes. I love this.
10/4/2020 c27 Van Erik Lucasan
Impeccable piece as always Zahariel. Truly along with Jayficton, OmeganQueen, victor aeternum, Arcsquad21, dorawarrior and etc., you are one of the "TITANS OF WARHAMMER FANFICTION"... Expansive,universe, encyclopedic knowledge of 40k and Warhamer fantasy lore, a supple imagination with which to forge it all into a coherent very engaging whole... Damn you are a master... So when are updating this here masterpiece? Not to mention Warband of the Forsaken Sons and the Roboutian heresy by the way?
7/6/2020 c27 Tobi14
Well this certianly has the feel of doom and a nice showing of the worlds killed as the great rift was born.

Building on a idea I had earlier Zahariel a very strong black legion warband face off against a large group of custodes forced to use every scrap of skills,experience,dirty trick and brotherhood to survive against a creatures made to champions from creation rather than risen high walking the path to glory on the roads to ruin.

This warband was one of the most propsperous in the eye, all the armor the finst looted, loads of daemon weapons and bolt shells, their chaos lord nearing daemonhood ect.

How would the ones made long after the start of long war react Would they be invigorated memories leaking into their being from the siege, the warp whispering secrets and calling fodder to help their favored champions win against the corpse god with many gifts promised.

How would the warlord take it seeing them would her be vindicated forcing them out of terra?
7/4/2020 c25 Tobi14
Hmmm have to say the comic was by far one of my most favorite.
6/27/2020 c27 6TheRabbidRabbit
I think this idea I propose will intrigue you both as a source of interest and as a challenge since I never read any story that covered it before.

The premise is very similar to chapter 16, with Inquisitor Markus coming across evidence of 'Traitor Loyalists' after clearing a Chaos-ridden den. But instead of Astartes, Its about Sisters of Battle who turned to the worship of Chaos. If possible, four Sisters who willingly turned to the worship of each Chaos God for their own reasons.

This will go to show that for all their faith, the Sisters are still susceptible to chaotic corruption. Sure we do have Miriael Sabathiel in canon, but it was never revealed why she turned. GW just decided it'd be cool to introduce a Chaos Sororitas without giving her enough depth.
6/20/2020 c1 A Reader
These stories are great
if you need any inspiration here are a few ideas
1. A story covering one of the Minor Xenos like a Khrave infestation or the Manipulations of the Slaugth
2. A story from the perspective of a Genestealer Cultist
3. An Imperial Guard deserter fighting for the Tau
3/19/2020 c27 sonic
I liked the one-shot!
3/15/2020 c27 Guest
Great story as always! Could you please do a story about an Emperor’s Children/Slaaneshi attack on a Dark Imperium world? I’ve always been annoyed at how little coverage the Prince gets from GW, and liked how you portrayed a Slaaneshi attack in Warband of the Forsaken Sons.
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