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5/20 c33 Tobi14
You have quite the talent for creating codexes.

For your next story the black legion squad facing new imperial fists primaris marines sounds great.
5/20 c41 Tobi14
This is a unique heresy story I'v quite enjoyed with both of them but ready for round two, a lot more bloody despite that but a greater imperial victory.
5/20 c40 Tobi14
Quite a nice chapter and does work with the idea the ultramarines have long been seeking to grow their power base in the xenos worlds and outside of imperial space.

Bit funny Khayon never figured out why he's unageing.
5/20 c39 Tobi14
Quite a interesting idea, Jaune feels for lack a better a bit of a milksop of a ravenguard, odd thing to say but in a special way in that's he's been spared the struggle of a chaos cultist or marine in rising to power.
5/20 c38 Tobi14
A nice bit of expansion and a codex for a minor xenos race, certainly different than the tau.
5/20 c37 Tobi14
A this story made me smile, if only.
5/20 c36 Tobi14
A what a fine showing of the emperor's children whimsical sick nature.

Still guess it shows the casualties of the great rift.
5/20 c35 Tobi14
Truly the lord of war is a cruel god.
5/20 c34 Tobi14
Interesting crossover, humans being the necrons is a odd idea but can see it working.
5/20 c31 Tobi14
Quite like this idea and got to agree with Abbadon, at least the primarchs tried than give up, if it tried to contact his brothers when Fulgrim went into the eye during the heresy it could have changed the war, but that would require risk and this primarch could never do that.

Fitting legacy dying here and being behind Abbadons dream.

Also nice characterization for Abbadon.
5/20 c30 Tobi14
Quite a lot of clever ideas for chaotic sisters Zahariel, my favorite would be the time traveling one.

I quite like their different aspects and how their interwoven into imperial society and war.
5/20 c18 Tobi14
lots of insight inside these quotes
5/20 c17 Tobi14
Quite a lot of wonderful quotes here.
5/4 c39 Wanderer No.96
Wait, if Jaune's a Ravenchild...

Oh. Oh dear Emperor, the implications are terrifying No wonder the Raven Lord's experiment can terrify even Grimm. That said, He's surprisingly sane.
5/2 c41 Blagoj Pejov1
death to the traitors
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