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4/18/2017 c20 JustAnotherAnon
"Ynnead, God of the Dead and last hope of the Eldar people, shall now never awaken."

That's probably to their benefit since the "last hope of the Eldar people" has done nothing but kill and eat a crapton of Eldar since its awakening.

But nah, that's some impressive foresight into a Risen Emperor scenario. Hell, this kind of intense writing is the kind of thing GW needs to be following instead of whatever gibberish acid-trip they're on right now. If this is what the 40k End Times looked like, I wouldn't even be mad.
4/18/2017 c20 13Dragonofelder
"He has died. Cursed be this day. He has risen. Blessed be this day. He shall rule. This day is the last."
4/18/2017 c20 1TheAlagoano
I was always of the opinion that any scenario with the Emperor returning in any shape or form would be a net gain for the Imperium.

Oh boy, did you manage to convince me otherwise.

I've loved the way you've built this AU, with all the fates of the different factions and characters.

Bright Lord Cain sparing the Tau, guess not even Divine transcendence can wipe away that little "progressive by Imperial standards" streak of his.
Calgar roaming the Galaxy hunting down the Tyranids
Yarrick fighting Ghazghkull for centuries without end. Orkish Valhalla?
4/18/2017 c20 Ravill Pryde
A very interesting idea you explore here. I have seen hints at that in your previous work and in that of other people as well. The thought of that is glorious and chilling at the same time. Very well written, as usual.
4/18/2017 c20 1Militarist
That was awesome and shocking.
It seems that you decided to create your own version of "The shape of nightmare to come".
The worst days of Galaxy will come if the Golden King decides to unleash C'Tans from their Tesseract prisons...
4/18/2017 c20 8Antony444
Terrifying. If it's true, it certainly explains why the Gods of Chaos fear the fall of Terra and the Imperium...
4/18/2017 c20 6Nemris
Holy Emperor what a cluster bomb of a chapter. This new vision what might happen upon the end of the Emperor is actually quite horrifying. It is as if the stagnation of the Imperium has been a slow collapse of a dying star that finally explodes in a supernova that cannot be stopped.
Horrifying. This actually seems like the worst fate the humanity can suffer.
Keep up the good work.
4/10/2017 c9 4morion87
Now if we can only get Black Library to do something like this. With the short story "The Last Church", it was cool to see Terra as the final church burned, and the last deluded fool with it.

Out of that vast amount of ships, I wonder which, apart from the Bucephalus, is part of the Principia Imperialis (the fleet personally commanded by the Emperor.) Not all the ships are apart of it.
4/4/2017 c1 Guest
I have read 19 chapters of the Roboutian Heresy, followed by 39 chapters of the Forsaken Sons.
I came here hungry for more excellent fan-made lore after reading the uncomplete entirety of the masterpiece that is Age of Dusk, Warhammer 50&60 000.
This story made me pause. It excells.
3/18/2017 c19 morion87
I do have a couple of ideas for a new one. It goes back to several older ones: snippits from each traitor and loyalist legion. But, now in the Roboutian Heresy verse.
3/10/2017 c4 2Ro Kyle Carlyle
I really enjoyed this story. Amidst all the vast galaxy-spanning wars, it's nice to see the perspective of a single planet and how terrifying the Imperium looks to them and how enticing the freedom of Chaos can be in comparison. It's easy to forget that and wonder why people keeping raising cults to the toothy blob monsters and their Gods who want to eat your soul.
2/22/2017 c19 1deathbyshadow
Do a story on the Emperor and the Custodians because there is just not enough of those.
12/24/2016 c11 Tobi14
Depressing the of their nobility
12/24/2016 c9 Tobi14
The dream was beautiful
12/24/2016 c7 Tobi14
Really it is hard to what abbadons done starting as an outcast to the warmaster for with out him the long war would just be petty raids on lightly defended targets or small black crusades doomed to fail it is interesting seeing why they joined him to trust another to have meaning here is an idea how people see abbadon those born in the eye traitors after the Horus heresy the inquestion
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