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10/10/2016 c17 1Militarist
So, creating AIs is dangerous to Ruinous Powers? Good news. But then you will need to get the anti-Warp protection from Necrons so that Daemons would be unable to possess the matter of the sentient machine.
10/9/2016 c1 10SanShine
Nice stories so far. Really enjoyed all of them. I may have a suggestion for another:

The location is an imperial outer colony, which surface is covered by thick jungle. Amritsar IV is a young colony established only decades ago and with little populace and only a little regiment of local PDF. Soon Orks attack the nearby sector and a few of them are planetside on Amritsar IV. A young and inexperienced PDF is cut off by any supply lines. His squad was ambushed by a Ork hunting party . He is the only surving party member.

While the soldier struggles alone in the jungle the whole situation changes. Because of some kind of relic Chaos and Eldar forces come into the play. As they enter the system with their fleets a great number of them are instantly destroyed by enemy fire. Escape pods of the Eldars are landing on the surface. Only few survive (or just one, up to you). One of them is holding the female Eldar farseer Ladeer (or whatever name). The escape pod is found by the wandering and disoriented PDF. What he finds is an injured and unconsious Eldar woman. Alone and lost he decides to tend her injuries. Why, he does not know. He is young and inexperienced, so he does not know the traitorous traits of Eldars, or something.

Meanwhile the remaining Chaos forces land on the planet in search of the relic.

She awakens. She is repulsive at first. Condeming him, because he healed her - an enemy. He overthinks his actions, as every good Imperial should be. Nonetheless they decide to stay together, because she is injured and he has no hope to survive on his own against Chaos forces. Their bonding is not one of comradeship but necessity. At the beginning at least...
10/9/2016 c17 68Jaenera Targaryen
Drops of truth in a tide of madness. Well done :)
10/9/2016 c17 2CapitalClassShip
Holy Cow this Chapter is so Rich i Love it Thank you for all this Hard Work!
10/9/2016 c17 DrGonzo71
These are awesome! They remind me a bit of some of the Dawn of War II wargear descriptions, the flavour quotes from the 40k RPG rulebooks, or maybe some of the better-written Destiny Grimore entries. We need to find a way to incorporate these into the roleplay sessions.
10/1/2016 c16 1Militarist
Awesome story about how you can make an indoctrinated supersoldier betray his oaths.
This game will be interesting to see. From what I understood, it can be made for smartphones, rather than PC.
9/10/2016 c16 6Nemris
Such a good chapter, some really really good depictions of treachery from unexpected directions. Really great chapter idea. Heresy comes in many forms, and they are slippery as they are ever damning.
THis chapter brings to my mind one thing I read long ago that really struck me (it went something like this, Can't remember it perfectly): Many have wondered how a loyal servants of the Emperor might fall to betrayal so drastically. But one has to remember that falling to heresy is made of small steps. The first step for many was admiring Horus. This was not difficult, for was Horus not the mightiest champion of the Imperium. The second step was following him and believing in him. This was not difficult, for was Horus not the nighties champion of the Imperium...

That Alpha Legion Raven Guard chapter (I have recently become very interested in Raven Guard)... Dude, that was Brilliant! Such an Alpharius moment, he (I) would be proud.
But despite it being so good, it was not my favorite part of this chapter, surprisingly. I found the Imperial Fist part to be my ultimate favorite. Hector just felt like such a real character with real emotions. It just had... feeling. So much feeling. It was the only one that made me feel like betrayal was the answer, I could *feel* him crossing the line that so many who fall to Chaos do. Beautiful.
Keep up the good work.
9/8/2016 c16 Kishins Darkness
So idea for a short story I think you may find interesting.

Fulgrim and his perspective on his duel and near killing of the Primarch of the Ultramarines.

Did he enjoy every minute of it? Or was there perhaps a part of him that regrets it yet is squashed down by most of his corrupted being.

Another idea would be on what Lorgar is doing mediating in that tower of his for ten thousend yeara.
9/7/2016 c16 Teefplucka
The idea for an assassin based game in the 40k universe sounds cool for us fans of the franchise, but with an overabundance in video games of this genre out there, for the near future I'm not that optimistic about anyone investing in it.

Idea for short story: the internal strife of some poor soul who somehow got infected by a genestealer AND possessed by a daemon, as different personalities battle it out in the mental tug-of-war between the Hive Mind and Chaos.
9/5/2016 c16 Guest
Golly darn do I love me some necrons, need more necrons
9/5/2016 c16 Spider
Oh , my Lord Cypher.
Praise onto you. Praise be.

This is fantastic, even better than I thought it would be when I started reading. You 're writing has come a long way and it shows. The characterisation is excellent, each Loyalist traitor feels fleshed out, looks unique in their desires and motivations. Brilliant work.

I can hardly wait for what is coming next.

Story ideas - 1. a series of viewpoints from warriors during the Badab War or the Siege of Vraks

2. A Long War Veteran and a group of new renegades, meet and talk about their experiences - E.g. a chaos meeting of the minds (and/or fists) - Either in the Eye of Terror or the Maelstrom.

3. The story of a remembrancer siding with the Warmaster.

Also will of these characters in this story be turning up/joining in the Forsaken Sons like Karalet has. Just thought I would ask.

Also as I am sure you have guessed it, from my interest in your story and my previous reviews, the Black Legion is my favourite faction of Chaos Space Marines. Firstly because they were the most pragmatic faction - They had all of the other Traitor Legions tools and special forces. And this was before the Talon of Horus came out.

ADB has finally added the colour and depth that this Legion has deserved. Showing it to be, not the Sons of Horus reborn under new colours, but its successor, freed from the shackles of Horus's failures and creating a new purpose for themselves, free from both the Emperor and his Primarchs.

But even more than that,the way I see things with the Black Legion is: Its more than just a successor to the Sons of Horus, even more than to the 9 Traitor legions. Its a successor to the original 18 Legions. Because while there are plenty of original CSMs and traitor Sons of Gulliman in its ranks there are bound to be more than a few traitor sons of the Lion, Russ, Dorn, Corax, the Khan, Ferrus Manus, Vulkan and yes, even Sanguinius to have joined it over the centuries, either alone or in groups, from the first founding chapters or their successors.

All of these old legions and chapters, their tactics, cultures, and strengths united under the iron-clad will of Abaddon, leading them on a mission to seize control of mankind and lead it. Uncaring of the emperor or the ruinous powers. How can the Imperium possibly stand against this monster of a legion. It can't.

It this Legion, this Brotherhood of Fallen heroes and angels that will break the imperium. It is because of this, that I like them as a faction. I hope that you enjoy this little treatise.

Spider out.
9/4/2016 c16 4Marcellasnow231
I have a idea for a Officio Assassinorum story- an agent of the Vindicare/Callidus/Eversor temple accidentally discovering latent psyker powers during his/her graduation mission.
9/4/2016 c16 DrGonzo71
This is easily one of the best short stories you have written. I'll admit, not many people forget that there were members of the Loyalist Legions, like Rushal of the Nineteenth who sided with Horus, and those like Garro and Dantioch who sided with the Emperor over their own Primarchs. However, I always preferred the former scenario, especially due to the shock factor for the loyalists.
2/18/2016 c14 Spider
Fine work as always, Zahariel.

You have done a good job on the characterisation of the Tau. Though they are not my favourite race in the 40k Universe. It is nice to have another point of view on the space marines.

Short story idea. - A focus on a group of Blackshields during the Horus Heresy or in your Roboutian Heresy universe.(For more information on the blackshields in the age of darkness, look at the 40K wiki or look at the Forge world "Horus Heresy: Book 6 - Retribution". I think you will find them to be an interesting bunch of renegades.)

Spider out.
2/17/2016 c4 68Jaenera Targaryen
Is it possible to get a short story in the Robouttian Heresy-verse?
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