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2/17/2016 c14 68Jaenera Targaryen
Outrageous...! You have succeeded sir, in rousing my wrath against those filthy Tau heathens.

Suggestion for another short story: a Tau sept is caught in a warp storm summoned by Chaos acolytes among their Human 'helpers' and they find themselves facing the Great Enemy: Daemons, Traitor Astartes, and more. They think they're better than us, let them see the true horror of the galaxy's dark.
12/23/2015 c13 17Disciple of Ember
Interesting short stores. I've been looking at them on and off for a while now, but never really got into most of the writing until recently.

To answer the question in the author's note, the reason the Eldar survived for so long is because of what a powerful race they were during their prime. They were so numerous and unchallengeable that no race could during that time could hope to unseat them, and any losses taken during civil wars, disasters, planets blowing up, etc. were essentially inconsequential. Their empire at its peak made the current-day Imperium look like a bunch of neighborhood kids playing at being a kingdom. After the Fall, their visions and sole dedication to the preservation of their race has kept them going when they would have otherwise gone extinct. Despite the reputation that the visions have, they're the things that keep the Eldar running as a whole. The main ones you hear about are the ones that go wrong, seeing as a story about Eldar sweeping through an enemy force without ever being hindered thanks to the foresight of their Seers doesn't make for as exciting of a narrative.

Also because GW likes to pull out numbers without checking their facts first. Given some of the casualties they've given in after-action Eldar reports, they would have been wiped out a long time ago. Things like that should be taken with a grain of salt at times.

As for the writing itself, the idea is interesting and the personalities are quite compelling (ironic for Necrons) but there's a few things that leave me confused.

For starters, if the Eldar force only numbers in the hundreds, why are they "throwing themselves" into the meat grinder like this? That really isn't how Eldar fight, and given that their being crushed so one-sidedly but only a handful of Necrons with some Imperial fire-support, it strikes me as odd that the'd be so quick to jump into the thick of the fighting.

For another, why is their Farseer taking part in such a suicidal attack, and then not using her psychic powers in combat with the Phaeron? Each Farseer is integral to the survival of the Eldar race, and they don't typically sacrifice themselves in duels like that. When they take the field, it's usually when things have become so serious as to warrant their presence, at which point they tend to make heavy use of their abilities to cripple enemies and fortify allies. Getting into a head on fight with the opposing commander, only to die while speaking some vague warning is a cliche that has become far too prevalent for the Seers.

Finally, why are the Ad-Mech working with Necrons? They consider the Necrons to be the 'Soulless Sentience', a perversion of the potential of the machine, and an enemy to all. The Mechanicus will loot their tombs (off the record, of course) but they don't get along well with the Living Machines themselves.

Anyway, sorry if this sounds overly critical, as I did very much enjoy your writing. You've got a nice style that lends itself well to characterization, and the writing is very good. I suppose the lack of context as to why all of this is going on happens to be what leaves me questioning. I realize that working off prompts may not lend itself well to backstory, but battles happen for a reason, especially when the Eldar are involved.
12/23/2015 c13 Guilliman
Whoooo, that was great
Story idea how about a Inquisitorial report on an Ork WAAAAGH that has been infested by Genestealers like in the Commissar Cain's books.
11/25/2015 c12 4SonOfAstora
No. Please. My poor brain.

Seriously, I reread this whole thing three times, trying to figure out what it was going on about. I believe that alone marks its quality. It was great.
11/22/2015 c12 5simply Eric
Send this to those guys at Black Library or White Dwarf! This is Grade A stuff for a BL/WD short story!
11/22/2015 c12 65Kondoru
Its the Ordo Chronos study time travel, yes?

And time travel is possible several ways in the 40K universe

a; The webway has areas where time is stationary, and is rumoured to have places where time is reversed.

b; Some subrealms of Commoragh are said to have time that flows in reverse

c; some demon worlds are ahead or behind normal time.

Im sure there are others
11/17/2015 c11 Guilliman
Hullo there it's guilliman here nice chapter as usual

Idea ; Seeing how commissar Cain is perceived by a fellow commissar that knows him from the schola
11/13/2015 c11 Kondoru
That was a wonderfully descriptive piece.

Can I request a story...something about a minor xenos? The Stryxis and Hrud have interesting backgrounds.
10/19/2015 c10 Stone474
Short story idea: The thoughts and experiences of a clone as it is brought to life, and it rejecting the way of chaos
10/15/2015 c1 z
Hey there, I love your writing style, very very good, loads of depth and suits 40k to a t.
And as you did ask for ideas, how does this one take you? It might not be easy and it might not fit perfectly in with 40k though.
The long night, what happened to the first old empire of man, the golden age, who wrote the stcs, who had legions of iron, who were around when the eldar were at there height of their power and who had no problems with orks, how did it start, was it an empire or a republic? What religion did it follow? And how did it fall?
Anyway I am definitely going to browse your other stories now. Keep up the good work.
I don't look at warhammer fanfic too often, the writing is not always up to scratch but it is a true pleasure to discover a good author in this corner of the site.
10/14/2015 c10 8RaptorusMaximus
An Ultramarine is captured by the Tau and convinced to forsake the imperium and fight for the greater good.
10/12/2015 c10 giodan
10/10/2015 c1 Guest
Excellent story.

Short idea: how about a squad of Emperor's Children are hunted down by their traitor brethren on Chemos. There had to have been some loyalists there after all.
10/8/2015 c8 10SanShine
As much to staying true to canon :D Regardless I really likes it.
10/8/2015 c7 SanShine
Nice one. Good thing you try to not get into confligt with canon. Gives your stories so far authencity.
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