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4/27/2022 c37 K. Michealos
Damn, this was hilarious. Great job.
4/28/2022 c37 Bruh.io82
Prosperine wine. The greatest solution to Chaos.
4/28/2022 c33 19evtrax
Hey zahariel, I really want to see more about ulgu and the shadow tyrants.

While fitting for the realm of illusion and shadow, the fact that we do not know about the thirteen realms annoys me. I would love to see your take on them. I also want to know about the shadow tyrants.

In them I see the C'tan, and like the star gods they are a fascinating group of godlike entities that are not explored much. I want to know who they are, there powers, there history's, and there prisons. Because unlike the C'tan, I am certain that the shadow tyrant prisons are torments personally designed for them by the cruel will of the God of the dark elves, ala the tortures of tartarus or Dantes hell.

These two should be my prompt ideas. I might have more later.
4/27/2022 c37 5Generation Zero
Well, considering that Alcohol removed our restraint and revealed out thought bare. it us natural yet unexpected for the Primarch to be the same. Considering the drunkeness often acted unexpectedly the scheme of Chaos would fail too in an act worthy if Tzeentch. Give me more of that wine please.
4/27/2022 c37 killroy225
I love this. Still grim but not dark, not bright, but at least a dawning light to a hopefully brighter future! Honestly if you chose to just leave it here I think it'd be just as good as if you continued it.
4/27/2022 c37 Blagoj Pejov1
this is how it should have ended
4/27/2022 c22 Bruh.io82
Do a Doomguy in a 40k short story. Make it primarch doomguy!
4/26/2022 c36 66Jaenera Targaryen
This is honestly jarring, as I've gotten used to the Emperor's Children being heroes in the Roboutian Heresy. But, I suppose that only reflects the quality of the work, this work to be precise, to so quickly remind the reader that in canon, the Emperor's Children are among the vilest monsters to walk the galaxy.
4/25/2022 c35 2Magusmon
prompt: what would the heresy be like if Horus had died from the athame instead of falling to chaos?
3/19/2022 c34 1ausezutheunholylight
A heroic, if still slightly kleptomaniac, Trazyn (even if for cultural/historical reasons). Didn't know it was possible to write, but you did it, well done
Someone like a necron Shephard bamboozling the c'tan and freeing his people is an amazing story arc
3/17/2022 c34 Guest
Wonderful story, I greatly enjoyed your take on one of my favorite Necrons!
3/17/2022 c34 8Antony444
Well...this was an interesting crossover. And I love your part about the Throne of Oblivion, heh, heh...
3/17/2022 c34 Guest
Request: A normal Astartes during the Siege of Terra.
3/17/2022 c34 8marsolino
This was awesome
3/17/2022 c34 Hyde2467
The ending made me laugh. Looks like kleptomania is the universal constant for all trazyns.
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