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3/3/2022 c32 1EVA-Saiyajin
3/1/2022 c33 Van Erik Lucasan
Immersively engaging, exquisitely made and fully comprehensive...
Kudos Zahariel! You truly are a Master Fanfiction-Crafter!
Such is why I hold You in the highest esteem!
2/27/2022 c33 8Antony444
Awesome. I can only hope that when Games Workshop makes a Codex of the Umbraneth, it will be half as good as yours.
1/21/2022 c32 Guest
Prompt Idea: Successful negotiations between Tau rspresentatives and minor Xenos species about latter joining Tau Empire
1/18/2022 c32 Guest
Prompt Idea: Squad of World Eaters is decimated after its Leader underestimates Orkish Warband
1/18/2022 c32 Guest
Prompt Idea: Squad of World Eaters and Squad of Khorne-corrupted Sisters of Battle have "friendly sparring" (read: massacre each other in favor of their Dark God)
1/3/2022 c32 3RohanVos
Wonderful chapter, I always enjoyed your take on 40k & fantasy. Your take on Felix is just what I was hoping for. I do hope that he finds some way to escape from Nagash's clutches. Even with his burdens he is still Felix.
1/1/2022 c32 2Magusmon
So good, i'd forgotten about this story.
1/1/2022 c32 8Antony444
Hmm...very interesting. Thanquol is remembering Felix, then, I'm not surprised...
10/21/2021 c31 3RohanVos
Great story! I really enjoy the dialogue and Ezekiel’s reasoning at the end.
10/17/2021 c30 ProfessorHearts6
Request: Roboutian Heresy and Horus Heresy crossover :D
10/16/2021 c30 8Antony444
That's impressively creative, we don't see many corrupted Sisters of Battle in canon (not to say none at all).
I like this format of Inquisitional report.
10/16/2021 c30 Dasgun
4/12/2021 c29 Rexmaster
All your works so far have been incredible! My personal favorite is Rule of Chaos, I find it very original, and I would really be interested to see what kind of society the Chaos Imperium would create, it would surely be very similar to those of the Drukhari, but more light because not even Canon! Imperium at its worst is as decadent and horrible as any ordinary day in Commorragh.

I would also like to contribute to your story with an idea: A story where the Imperium won; and by winning, I mean:
-The Great Crusade ended successfully, and the Horus Heresy never happened,
-None of the Primarchs fell into Chaos, (and many of these received therapy ...)
-the Emperor completed his Imperial Webway Project and it is normalized as the standard FLT trip for Humanity,
-Imperial Truth became the new state belief
-Humanity eventually evolves to become a fully psychic race like the Eldar.
-The AdMech dogma is relaxed enough to allow scientific and technological progress.
-The gods of chaos have been reduced so much in power and influence that they have practically no way of corrupting Humans, since thanks to the Imperial Truth, they firmly believe that gods do not exist, which created an impenetrable defense their minds.

And in general, everything that could turn out well, turned out extremely well, instead of as in canon, the Emperor managed to fulfill his dream of a humanity free from the bonds of religion and firmly dominates the galaxy. And he is very happy about it.

I know this has little to none of the Grimmdark that characterizes WH40K, but it would be really nice to see that Humanity had a happy ending, rather than the slow but steady road to ruin that it suffers in canon.
2/3/2021 c29 Tobi14
Interesting story as not a lot of material about Dark Eldar.

I do admit it's a interesting question which ordos should deal with them, my guess the demon hunters given their soul eating.

Story idea? A black legion chosen squad that had it's thunderhawk shot down trying to retreat by creating a demonic portal as their being hunted by imperial fists scout company. Can ''gifts'', centuries of experience fighting the long war and demonic weaponry compensate against numbers and brotherhood?
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