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12/31/2018 c25 mcrae1o1nick
Scary stuff. That cube thing that needs constant monitoring is a prime example of imperial stupidity. Same for the book "angels decend". Kill a bunch of your literate population, that you desperately need? God, you really put me in the mindset of the 40k universe.
12/31/2018 c25 Van Erik Lucasan
P.S. can you please PM dorawarrior for me that he give his latest update to his Lost Primarchs fanfiction anytime soon?
12/31/2018 c25 Van Erik Lucasan
Kudos and cheers to you Zahariel! Yet another consummate piece of work you have done here!... A masterpiece indeed
12/31/2018 c25 sonic
I liked the one-shot!
12/31/2018 c25 9Antony444
Well...that gives me the idea to flee this galaxy the more I read the damned description of the objects...grimdark indeed. Thanks for the chapter!
12/4/2018 c23 zev.jagalur
Prompt:What if the Age of Strife in 40k never ended?[The Imperium still rose,just the Great Crusade's victories didn't last] Because I want to see what religious pluralism in 40k would look like played for cosmic horror.[All religions are true,like in Percy Jackson,so we don't just have to deal with the Imperium and Chaos]
12/2/2018 c24 Richard Fore
I loved this short story because this one of the few things from AOS where the Stormcasr Eternals are not the protagonists. An idea for a short story would be about a Blood Angel trying to control the Black Rage and Red Thirst. Or it could be set in the RH, so it could be about a BA being tormented by his Thirst.
11/29/2018 c24 zev.jagalur
Next,please do one in which the Age of Strife lasts forever but the Imperium still ,and the Emperor ascends to full Chaos allows other pantheons in the Warp instead of crushing any rivals.
11/19/2018 c24 Guest
Maybe some Warhammer Fantasy?
11/9/2018 c24 Guest
Excellent story! It's shame they've rejected it, but good side to it is that way your loyal and ever growing audience get's to read it earlier than anyone else.
Also, make that king SERVEEEE!
11/6/2018 c24 sonic
I liked the one-shot!
9/9/2018 c23 Albian
I really loved the Chaos quotes. By the way, is the quote about Jurgen supossed to be praising him or implying that, as a being with soul, he can be corrupted by Chaos?

Also liked the chapter 20, the birth of the "Order god". If some day GW decides to erase this setting just like they did with its Fantasy counterpart, I think this is the most likely outcome.

Now some idea you may like or not.

The idea is about a particular homebrew IG regiment. You see, in this universe we all now what happens to persons born with physical deformities due to genetic deviations. Now, I have wondered for a while what happens to mutations not seen in the surface. That's it, mentally ill people whose illnesses are a result of something wrong in their DNA: Schizophrenia, autism, bipolarity, retardation, etc... What happen ot them in a setting where obviously there isn't public healthcare yet they don't look like the lovechild of Joseph Merrick and a orc from LOTR?

My guess? In exchange for a little payment from the administratum, every family with a diagnosed mentally ill member can send said member to conscription to certain regiments to be employed as cannon fodder. As you can imagine, they are subjected to every kind of abuse typical of real world obsolete (I hope) asylums, with the intention of making them subservient or just out of their handlers sadism. When in battle, their main use is to distract artillery fire.

Except in a certain regiment, where it was adopted a different philosophy: Instead, their training is focused on increasing the aggresiveness, with the intention of sending them in frontal assaults against enemy trenches without fear. Kinda like stormtroopers, only even more expendable and worse equipped. For all legal purposes they are dead so these soldiers only hope is to die in battle. They aren't related to any particular world so when new recruits are needed they just go the nearest loyalist world, where there is always people willing to sell their most unwanted members. Which is a good because their mortality rate is obscenely high.

Since no one gives a fuck about them they are usually ill equipped and short of supplies, which means they have to look for "alternative" ways to simply work, like hosting engaging on illegal bets, pillaging other dead guardsmen or prostituting some of the recruits. Combine the above with the unhygieninc habits of a lot of the regiment's soldiers and as a result their quarters looks (And smell) more like a pig pen. As for keeping them under control, all the officers avoid their own soldiers as pest, limiting themselves to doing paperwork on the rear lines and letting a small core group of veterans to actually impose a semblance of order. How do said veterans control a bunch of people who are batshit insane at worst? Answer: They can't.

As for the comissars, the only sane people around, they are assigned the oldest or more unqualified available and they can do very little other than helping the veterans. Any complain to their superiors will be ignored and their intimidation tactics tend to backfire when used against humans with a disturbing lack of common sense and fear. It doesn't help a lot of them are resentful of "normal" humans.

Some possible quotes:

"The Emperor doesn't judge. It only hates" Random recruit

"But I want to kill standing!" Random soldier. Diagnosed psychosis.

"I have always heard voices in my head since I was a kid. Evil spirits. They insult me, they want me to destroy things, they tell when I die they will torture me for all eternity. I am afraid. That's why I begged that priest for help. Then the Inquisition agents came. And they told me all was in my head! Lies! The voices now mock me. The voices are more numerous now. I am afraid" Regiment's veteran. Diagnosed schizophrenia.

"When beaten until unconciousness, when they beg and cry in the mud, when they drop any pretense of hope... They look almost human. Uh? Sorry comissar, I mean WE look almost human" Regiment's veteran. Unknown diagnosis.

"My advice? One, don't try to intimidate all of them at the same time, it never works. Two, don't turn your back to them. Three, block the door to your dorm. Four, never EVER anger the veterans. Five, look for a new assignment." Regiment's comissar

"BLEEAARRGH! What kind of Emperor forsaken place is this?" Astropath who got too near of the regiment's quarter.

"Give me more of these!" Commander Kubrik Chenkov opinion on the regiment.

Now imagine a tale about this kind of "army".

What do you think?
7/19/2018 c23 Tobi14
Been a while since I saw the time traveling Thousand son.

Trench warfare against chaotic abominations and and led by A time travel?Sound interesting

Short story idea the desperate last stand on Maeleum the sons of horus and their last allies desperate defense of all they hold dear against the biggest gathering of traitor's since Terra and the reasons why they kept on fighting and the reasons why the invader's individual reasons why they attacked them as well.
7/19/2018 c21 Tobi14
What a beautiful vision and even then the long war does not end still I would say it makes it that much more beautiful.
Lorgar really needs to get out more.
7/19/2018 c20 Tobi14
What a depressing chapter
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