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for A Dream for their Future

10/17/2021 c24 Mando
Really enjoyed your story please finish it up!
6/17/2021 c5 Akuma-Heika
Is Vincent Sephiroth's birth father in this? In canon, Hojo was his birth father, thus my confusion on Cloud claiming otherwise.
6/17/2021 c3 Akuma-Heika
I am confused. Didn't Hojo only add the J-Cells near the end of FF7? AU element?
10/10/2020 c24 CloudNTifa4Ever
This was an AWESOME story! I really hope you consider continuing it. I’m completely certain that I’m not the only one who would enjoy reading on. It’s totally exciting! Please please please. :D
9/13/2020 c24 Mando
I have really enjoyed your story please finish it!
8/4/2020 c1 Guest review
I think you should play Final Fantasy 7 remake you might get some information for
4/17/2020 c24 14matchynishi
thank you for the update! interesting to see how this unfolds... but now Cloud and Sephiroth in Wutai?! with Rufus! lmao, there's a minefield right there! :p
2/16/2020 c24 Lunanimes
Fantastic story. I really enjoyed reading at. Thank you for writing it.
1/27/2020 c24 1Sakihinata
I really love your story ;)
Possessive Sephiroth!
Protective Vincent and Chaos! (is the last one because Cloud swore allegiance to Loki, God of Chaos and Mischief?)
And Hojo is kind of an awesome evil genius character that adds peps and tension to the plot ;)
1/27/2020 c3 Sakihinata
Hojo...is the definition of mad genius ;)
9/16/2019 c24 2Astrido
Yay, am update.
I really love the story. I wonder what cloud and sephiroth will do.
9/10/2019 c24 ElectraX12
Another amazing chapter!
9/7/2019 c24 Shiranai Atsune
Yey! A new update! I still love this so much!
12/10/2018 c21 Guest
I'm actually with Tifa this time. This Zack is nosey to the point of obnoxiousness.
12/10/2018 c15 Guest
Hmm. My only complaint is Zack.

He doesn't seem very Zack-like.

He's only known Cloud for a day (or so?) and he's already expecting him to spill his guts out to him. I would've been able to overlook that if you didn't mention that Zack still doesn't trust him completely.

It's just weird. He's like,
"I will die for you but boo hoo I ain't stayin in a room w you because you're scary"

Very inconsistent.

Cloud's inability to think objectively is kinda ooc too, but whatever.
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