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6/5/2017 c9 6browsofglory
I just finished reading this, and I must say, I was totally enthralled the entire time! It's an extremely entertaining story. I love the way you write Kiku, Alfred, Arthur and Francis; they have unique quirks that I haven't seen in other fics. There are parts that are funny, parts that are harrowing, parts that are sad; it all makes for a wonderful story. I think that the idea is very unique, as is the idea for the book that Arthur wrote. I can't wait for more! Arthur's spiralling down, and I need to see if Kiku ends up helping him and if Francis comes back!
5/30/2017 c9 DragonEclipsed
that letter from Arthur made me think you were ending the actual fanfiction! love this work and hope Artie gets better!
5/30/2017 c3 Taleraven
Don't you just hate it when characters from your books come to life?
It's just as bad as writersblock
2/3/2017 c8 2Dangara2610
Oh God... Sorry for the dealy into commenting xP , after so much time I finally could ;v;
This is uterly fantastic, the teory that envelopes the income and outcome of Francis and Jack... Kyaaa! I just have to hold my imagination for no spill spoilers-kind-of here xDD, youre doing a really awesome job!, Thanks a lot for this cool chapter nvn ! , Greetings and blesses!
8/22/2016 c8 2AwesomeMapleLeaves
This is really good so far! I have a feeling I know how Arthur has to fix this though. He's going to have to rewrite the ending so that Jack dies and Francis lives, but he's not going to want to do it because he's fallen in love with Francis. That's because of course if he saves book-Francis, real-life Francis will be no more, right?
6/28/2016 c6 2Dangara2610
(Sorry for comment in such a long delay u.u , but well... better late than sorry ;v; I finally end up my school clases)

Hoah!... So much adrenalina for me oxo, oh God... the way Jack is acting and not knowing what is he going to do next, I hoped Arthur would try to say something about Francis or Kiku once Alfred came, but I think it was also much stress for him, and also the desire to all being a dream..., (hey!, maybe Jack can be detected with all that gunpowder smell over him! , ouch, Alfred already went home xP, he got away ;A; ... and Franciiiiis!) Very great narrative and feelings between ;v; , thank a lot for this update, greetings and blesses nvn
6/2/2016 c6 3Silver Ocean Jackson
I really want to leave a 9 page long review, but I'll leave my thoughts up to your imagination. Just know I'll still be reading.
1/6/2016 c1 34InsideMyBrain
Goddamn. This is an extremely creative idea. amazing so far.
1/5/2016 c5 8duhorcommonsense
Is it going to be like Inkheart where the characters are worried that if the author dies they die?
1/5/2016 c5 2Dangara2610
o_o ... Oh God... so much trilling, also pretty interesting concept!
Greetings and blesses n.n
1/5/2016 c5 4Iluna Sorgina Talis
Oh man, if I were rich I would buy my friends and I plane tickets and fly us out. And treat us all to dinner at that restaurant. It sounds absolutely gorgeous in there!
10/31/2015 c4 Kitty Cat
Why am I getting a bad feeling about this. Oh yah, Arthur's characters to his horror story are coming to life, not a good thing.
10/31/2015 c4 8duhorcommonsense
So what would happen if O'Connell killed Arthur? What does he want with Arthur? Is he in love with him too?
7/5/2015 c3 Bisexual cookie
I cant wait for the next chapter! This one was really good!
10/31/2014 c2 Saskia
I hope you continue this I in joy it.
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