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for An Unorthodox Hero

9/1/2018 c6 6MonochromeJoker29
I love it! This is the story I didn’t know I needed. What would make it funnier would be if she was waaaaay older than anyone thought so when she makes blasé weird comments like “President Washinton’s blood was better” people wouldn’t know if she was telling the truth. Anyways, this is so cool, please continue this story.

Infinity War, yeah, I already marked down March 6,2019. I need some Captain Marvel to make me feel hope again. I honestly hope she ends up as the heavy hitter for Avengers 4.
2/23/2016 c4 4Stargazer1364
I'm dead! Bruh, this is too legit for words! Please post more soon!
1/1/2016 c3 3SuperWhoAvengerChanceryLock
Never mind...maybe the handsome stranger ISN'T Loki...

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