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10/1 c32 Guest
please bring your stories back!
9/25 c32 Bsmith1996
Erin better watch out!
8/9 c32 Nickjrulezzz
haha that girl was flirting with Rachel hardcore! It's a good thing Lana wasnt around or there might have been a fight. thank you for the update. i miss the dear father series so much. i think im going to have to reread it! stay safe out there and take it easy!
8/8 c32 Annarozaa
Do you have any idea how much I missed this story? It's felt like an eternity. I'm so happy you updated! I just KNEW it was going to be Erin at the bar! Does that woman have a thing for uncomfortable timing, but who can blame her for not staying away from Lana Winters! I hope things are going well for you on your side! I thought this pandemic was going to be over months ago and look at us now! LOL. I'm going to be on the lookout for some other updates. You should do The Cosmos or Nutmeg next. I miss reading those. I've reread them so many times. But yeah, thanks again for updating DM, I've really missed it. Especially all of the lanchel moments. Hope to read some more stuff again!
8/2 c32 Haily94
Holy shit! Thank you so much for updating! I really do love the DF trilogy, so it’s always good to see an update. The encounter between Erin, Lana, and Rachel was a bit awkward. I was really surprised that Erin would even have the bravery to approach Lana after not seeing her around for 6 or 7 years. I’m curious to know if their last interaction was the one on Christmas Eve or if they had any others after that. I’m really curious about this because of the way Lana acted towards Erin. It was just...kind of tense. Any who, I am VERY happy that you updated. I hope you update again soon! I hope the quarantine has been treating you well!
8/1 c32 SashaHarman
Erin can’t stay away!
8/1 c32 hypodermicsally
Thank you for coming back!
7/31 c32 Clewis4ever
7/31 c32 peanutduh
I thought the girl flirting with Rachel was actually Lois based on the description that was given. Guess not. It was bold of Erin to approach Lana, but Lana made it very clear she wasn’t interested. I’m interested in seeing if Erin will be making any other appearances or not. Thank you for updating after so long, the quarantine has become boring, so it’s nice to find something entertaining :) you gotta update nutmeg or the cosmos next! I miss those stories. Stay safe!
7/28 c31 Guest
Thank you for updating!
7/30 c32 paisleythomp
Erin honey...read the room!
7/30 c32 Kylievvvv
Well this was an awkward occasion! I think Erin still has eyes for Lana.
7/29 c32 Betteanddot52
Erin is always showing up at the most awkward times! lol. Looks like she was after Lana again. I Don’t blame her though ;) please update Nutmeg and the cosmos next! I’ve missed those stories greatly. Take care!
7/29 c32 Loganloganpi
Both Lana AND Rachel we’re getting hit on that night! Haha. Seeing a new chapter of DM made me so happy. Thank you so much for writing this, the wait was killing me! ALSO. Did you see the first look of Ratched?! (The new Sarah Paulson/Ryan Murphy show) it’s gonna be soooo fucking good. I cannot wait. I really hope you update some other fics as well, quarantine has been boring without them. I hope you’re doing well during this!
7/29 c32 h2oloverr
Lana was NOT having it with Erin! I thought they were cool. Lana can be so jealous, and I love it! lol.
I missed this story so much! i've been coming back from time to time to reread it to keep myself occupied during this quarantine. Thank you for coming back! I can't wait to read other updates!
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