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4/3 c10 geekloverlz
I swear this is the most I've ever cared for Priscilla lol. What a sweetheart. And what a funny picture, them walking down the street, Priscilla in the middle, I'm guessing from your description.
Boots! Boots! Boots! My cheeks are hurting like Anne's.
Thank you for this wonderful story that I'll reread many, many times yet. I swear I would love to attend a conference to hear you talk about Anne with some of the other authors on here. You truly have a gift with words, lots of imagination, and the way you take little things from canon and weave them into your stories is really impressive.
4/3 c9 geekloverlz
Ah, see: Anne and Charlie DO have something in common - an imagination that knows no bounds, as Charlie's delusional scenarios can attest to! Seriously, I can't stop grinning at his speech.
Anne wants to be understood. I like that. But you don't necessarily need to go very far to find somebody who does, although it does help to expand your horizons.
4/3 c8 geekloverlz
Aw, Gilbert. That hurt! Okay, so hear me out: I have this theory that something must have triggered Gilbert's desperate first proposal. I mean, he had been desperate for the longest time, but something must have happened to break his resolve to be her friend - he says himself here that her friendship is more important than anything else. I'm curious to see how you handled it all those years ago! His section here was really heartbreaking. And he actually understood her perfectly here, didn't he?
4/3 c7 geekloverlz
Poor Ruby!
Anne and Gilbert... It's complicated. Phil thinks (at the moment) Anne should aim for more than 'just' a life in the Island; Ruby thinks it would suck to marry somebody from your hometown... No wonder Anne is reluctant to accept the 'answer that's right in front of her'.
4/3 c6 geekloverlz
I've recently reread Catiegirl's WTC and elizasky's Within A Forest Dark and in both of these stories it is repeatedly mentioned that Gilbert and Phil are very similar - both in looks and in personality -, so much so that they could have been siblings. I love that I'm getting the same feeling here. Remember that passage where Gilbert said he'd watch over word and deed so as to be always worthy of Anne? And how about Gilbert's fascination with Anne? I see all that in this Phil. Isn't it funny that the girl who can't commit to having a single diary and who resented Gilbert a while back for his unerring devotion to Anne and Anne only is now acting in the same way?
"I wonder how he could be so in love with her and not notice." YES! I was commenting about it on another fic - the one by missheliotrope from Christine's POV - that Gilbert isn't an unobservant idiot, but he can be a bit dense sometimes when it comes to deciphering Anne...
4/3 c5 geekloverlz
Charlie's such a hypocrite - all that ranting about nudity just to be caught naked in the apron he criticized so much. So much for discretion! See, that's a bit sad because I always thought Gilbert had kept the apron as a souvenir, and I doubt he'd touch it now. Ew!
4/3 c4 geekloverlz
There are so many things in each chapter that I could try to comment on, I'm sure I'm not doing your story justice, as much as I want to. But here's one thing: it is so interesting to see how similar Anne and Gilbert are - they're both dreamers and idealists (in my opinion), it's just that Gilbert is an extrovert who welcomes change more than Anne does (I must say I'm more like Anne than Gilbert). Gilbert was talking about securing Anne a few chapters back, he'd love to see what she wrote in this one! I really like these connections you make.
4/3 c3 geekloverlz
That word play section was one of the best I've ever read in fanfiction: it was as amusing as it was (subtly) revealing of their dynamic.
Also loved finding out more about DIANA'S Fred!
4/3 c2 geekloverlz
Oh, your Charlie is GOOD - and by that I mean he makes me cringe everytime because you've made him equal parts entitled and delusional. I really like how everybody's depictions of the same event focuses on certain aspects of it that perfectly reflect their personality. And what about Josie? Is she this nasty to other people besides Anne? What is it about Anne in particular that triggers her jealousy?
Finally, THANK YOU for telling us what 'sentimental' thing Gilbert said to Anne at the AVIS party (that's canon for me now). He says he's trying to figure out what he did at Miss Lavendar's wedding so he can do it again - me too! Why did THAT romantic speech warrant that special look but not the others? Was it because it was unexpected?
And look at his dear rhyming couplet...
4/2 c1 geekloverlz
Just started reading this for the first time! It's such a fandom classic for a reason, I see. Love their voices and all those little details - so authentic! I'm instantly invested and also "smiling like an idiot". "Dairy, airy, arid, dray, yard, raid, aid, air, day, dry and Ida. I find myself drawn to dairy, that or Ida." Burst out laughing over here!
5/27/2021 c9 BirdieKitKat
I assumed the ring was just made from the dental gold, bit set with an actual molar! What a gem of an idea! Hahahaha. Oh Charlie's Sloane and Josie Our alone make this worth reading, but it's all delightful. Diana's spelling eras, Phil's Rose and Ochre Books, and getting to actually know Pris...such fun! Thanks for writing!
5/26/2021 c2 BirdieKitKat
OMG. The Miss Stacey sonnet. I am dying!
3/19/2021 c10 1Luckythedog
I loved the debate with the boot! It was hilarious! I could favorite the whole story just for that! Well, the rest of the story was good too. I always wondered why Priscilla never had callers. Which scarf was it that Gilbert couldn't give back? The green one Phil was writing about?
1/4/2021 c7 Jheran Sabella
I adore the Rhett Butler quote in Phil’s letter!
10/2/2020 c10 4noraborealis
what a delightful, entertaining story! you captured the characters and spirit of the original while also adding so much more to it. i thoroughly enjoyed every chapter of this. on to year two!
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