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4/4/2016 c3 PelirrojaBiu
It is always a good idea to re-read this story when one's feeling blue. They are all hilarious, but it does make me miss uni times so much!
2/10/2016 c10 Anna
Thank you for writing! I must stop reading your work before bed- I get absorbed and forget to sleep, and then it's dawn! Worth it.
2/10/2016 c1 Anna
You are my favorite person right now. I am reading these as I read Anne of the Island. With due respect to other writers, NOBODY writes the Avonlea crew like you do. Every character is right, every turn of phrase rings authentic, and it's like I'm discovering new books from the original series rather than reading fic. Gold stars for you!
1/24/2016 c10 7Formerly known as J
I love how easily this chapter reveals not just the delightful chemistry between Anne and Gilbert but also what great friends they both were to Priscilla. No wonder she misses him later on, too! I also found myself thinking about how much their flurry of social, sporting and academic engagements in this exciting light hearted first year contrast with the final year at Redmond, especially when Gilbert stops everything, and gets all grave and focused on the Cooper Prize.

But leave it to Gilbert to be the one who leaves me with the most lasting impression with that genius debating argument. Isn't he so clever and funny to boot (pun intended!)? I loved Anne's account of his winning performance - most especially his wink at her and definitely 'his eyes that said, Do you dare me, Miss Shirley?' Ooohh wouldn't I dare you, Gilbert!? You know that his gorgeous 'I can do this' entry was my favourite (300 push ups!) but the fact he can't return her scarf now made me so sad to think of when he actually does.

What a brilliant way to finish the first year. Patty's Place, here we come!
1/22/2016 c9 Formerly known as J
For some reason, I find Charlie's penchant for weak tea particularly amusing, kwak. His lists are as hilarious as always here, and I can't even begin to express to you how hard I laughed about that ring. Not just the first time I read this, but at each subsequent reading. And Gilbert offering to donate 2 teeth for matching earrings! Bahahahaha! The hysterical proposal plans with all the sub-lists still cracks me up. Especially the important contemplation of whether to kneel or sit and careful consideration of the corresponding eye levels. Excellent work.

But that proposal poem, k! That hilarious, genius poem so effortlessly and perfectly explains everything anyone ever wanted to know about Charlie Sloane. That poem is one of the funniest things I've ever read and still makes me laugh uproariously every time. It must also be included in your top 5 comedy scenes from this story (in my book anyways). I wonder that Anne managed to keep a straight face once she'd gotten over the shock of realising what was happening! Pure genius.

To continue on with the fallout from his proposal, including his recounting of the evening's events to Gilbert was just fantastic. I think it's lucky Gilbert only socked him with a cushion, frankly. And isn't Gilbert just an absolute darling for rushing over and sticking to his new resolve to just be a friend to Anne? I love how easily he can bring her good humour back again over tea and toast after losing her temper so disgracefully about something a Sloane said. I'm sure Anne must have felt it all very confusing. I'm loving the green scarf and 'ask me, ask me, ask me' details. Just gorgeous.

Rhyming couplets forever!
1/20/2016 c8 Formerly known as J
Oh my, kwaky, who doesn't love a tipsy Gilbert Blythe, I ask you? I found it surprisingly difficult to read this again, knowing how much he's missing her now while thinking of how much he's going to be missing her after that disastrous first proposal. I admire him so much for recognising even in his inebriated state that Anne is silently telling him 'Don't do that, Gilbert...Don't say that' and that the only way to separate himself from the crowd of suitors is to focus on their strong ties of friendship. If only he had stuck with that plan...But that this revelation should come from his failed attempt to give her a new year kiss made my heart ache for him. No wonder he kept to the refreshment table all night.

To follow his darling insights and observations with Josie Pye was a shocking contrast, k. I loved her comments about Anne's 'get up' and the snide remarks about everything from Anne and Gilbert's engagement announcement to Diana's one 'moment of glory' and Jane's party dress. I sometimes wonder why anyone in that place put up with her at all, tbh. :)

But then, best of all, Jane's thoughts about Anne having the hide to refuse Billy's addresses to her were hilarious, since obviously he's hard to tell apart from Gilbert and could have been a doctor if he wanted to. I love how everyone is just expecting Anne and Gilbert to wind up together- even Josie!

No wonder Anne didn't want to talk about the events of the evening with Jane. I'm sure she was ready to 'hunker down' after all that! It would be very unsettling to realise that her dress was too much for little Avonlea gatherings and most especially because it made Gilbert look 'like that'. But I did enjoy Anne resolving to become more Emma Woodhouse than Eliza Bennett - she did love a storybook romance, didn't she? Of course, we all know who Emma ended up with, so I found it interesting that Anne seems not to apply that outcome to herself, only Diana. Well done!

Charlie's proposal next, you know I love it. Ha ha!
1/17/2016 c7 Formerly known as J
I'm still loving marriage-crazy Diana with her fashion focus and thinking of Anne and Gilbert as such an adorable couple with Anne's telltale blush at Gilbert's touch. And her interesting discussion with Anne about pash rash and the various places that boys can kiss you! Although, I'm glad that Diana realised Anne had to find out all about it for herself.

Didn't I love Phil's Ochre vs Rose lists, Charlie Sloane style re: Alec and Alonzo. I can see why it's so hard for her to decide! But my biggest guffaw came from Charlie in those red and white striped items. There's something a bit Cat in the Hat about it. It really must have been cold for Phil to even consider wearing them, but faster than you can say 'social suicide'?! Hilarious.

Poor, doomed Ruby. I could feel a lump in my throat at her mentioning that 'pesky cold' and all the talk of 'fellows' and kissing and parties. She might have been shallow, but I do love her, too.
1/15/2016 c6 Formerly known as J
I feel like Phil because I'm finding it difficult to decide if I like the Ochre or Rose notebook best. As much as I enjoyed Phil's boredom with everything and everyone in the Ochre Notebook, I truly admire her capacity to love Anne in the Rose Notebook. So long as she's outshone in only one subject and Anne is preferred by only one 'mannie'. :) And 'Phil Hill' - surely that would be enough to help her decide the Alec/Alonzo conundrum for good! Haha. I loved the idea that Gilbert has started a boating craze and Phil's Ochre self thinking that Anne was ignoring Gilbert's 'smouldering looks' (I very much liked the idea of those, too!) just to vex Phil was golden.

I do love a Priss Report, kwak. Not only does she provide some of the best inside stories about Anne/Gilbert interaction, she is also handily explaining why she is ripe for her coming relationship with Stella after the heartbreak of Mr Rawley's rejection. Thank goodness she's decided she is never getting married because it could have gotten awfully awkward if she really did set after Gilbert at this point.

I am still in awe at your mastery of Anne's voice. This entry from her was superb and I think about as much like Anne as anyone who isn't LMM could get. Her enjoyment and description of the golden evening was perfect. I enjoyed her thoughts about (not) kissing Gilbert's sweet cheeks after his darling comment in the park. And the condensation on the window reminding her of the desperate times she experienced at the orphanage was pure genius detail.

This chapter has helped cheered me up after such a sad week. Thank you.
1/9/2016 c5 Formerly known as J
I have no idea what the "rush" was all about either, kwak, but let me tell you, this is one of my absolute all-time fave chapters from you right here. Not only because it includes two of my favourite images, but because Gilbert's genius application to figuring out how to win the rush for the Freshmen is inspired by his quest for distractions. Hehe. It's all about Anne. I just love that! Which leads me to the first of my favourite pictures painted by your words: Gilbert Blythe doing so many push-ups in his underwear (!) with sweat pooling in the curve of his back as another way of distracting himself - phwoar! I'm no less affected by this particular image now as I was the first time I read it (could it really be a year ago now?). Crikey Mikey! No wonder Phil's been admiring his biceps. Then, Charlie is actually placing Anne beneath Gilbert's naked, sweaty, push-upping body! ! ! ! ! I may never recover from the shock of that...

Of course, the other fantastically memorable picture that you painted was the hilarious bare/bear butt of Charlie Sloane. I thought I would die laughing the first time around, and I still have to wipe the tears from my eyes at the idea of Gilbert busting him in the apron. I vote this as one of your Top 3 comedy scenarios in the diaries, k. I'm still laughing. Loudly.

Charlie's list also includes some absolute pearlers, so I must give an honourable mention to the pros list especially, although I truly loved the vivid details he gives us in the contraindications of his sharing the room with Gilbert. Gold!

Finally, I can't imagine this story without the relentless tick tock of Gilbert's pocket watch. It's essential.
1/7/2016 c4 Formerly known as J
First of all, lets be clear, the Ochre vs. Rose notebooks were an absolute stroke of genius, kwaky. There could be no better way to demonstrate the undecided and ever changing moods of the lovely and hilarious Miss Gordon. Ever so well done.

I just gobbled up Phil's varying and contrasting accounts of her remarkable fellow students from the Island in both books. Of course, Gilbert would have caught her eye, and I just loved how her selfless matchmaking of him and Priss based on height was so quickly recanted in the Ochre Notebook. And hopes that Charlie was Gilbert's valet - hilarious! Along with reminders to herself of 'potato, potato, potato' - you always give me a good laugh, k. I had also forgotten about Phil's frizzy hair. Hehe.

More chortling about Charlie's two roses displayed disconcertingly like a pair of legs and Phil's subtle request for Gilbert to check her neck. No wonder Anne is feeling like she's being left behind with everyone noticing him (although we know he apparently doesn't have the slightest interest in anyone else - ever) and why wouldn't they notice him? He is as delightful as always - even Priss isn't immune to his charms. It's lucky he's getting all this practice at rebuffing young ladies' advances before Christine arrives!

Finishing with the lovely little sailing story that gets a mention so much later is just perfect. You are the best.
12/20/2015 c3 Formerly known as J
Darling Diana and her adorable spelling 'eras', so lonely with Anne gone. I love her. Her mother really was awfully strict, wasn't she? I enjoyed her looking back in her old entries for something about Fred, but only finding cheeky Gilbert Blythe stories. You know I loved 'high dungeon' and especially her smuggling the Journalette downstairs to her room. So, the courting with Fred begins. Such chaste cheek kissing to start!

I loved Gilbert's explanation to the diary about the pages torn out, although I did like the idea of him in a 'reckless moment of passion' - ooohh la la! I simply adore all their hilarious word games and I do declare I should not like to play scrabble against you, my dear. I fear you must trounce anyone with your cleverness! Insanely her and heavenly lone iris (*sigh*) are such beautiful ways to explain Gilbert Blythe. As for skirt pong and thy gerbil belt...Haaa! And you know my fave is Gilbert pretending he doesn't notice their boots touching. Naaaaw, that boy is simply adorable.

I never really understood why Maud had Priss get there first (cos wouldn't it have been better for them to travel together from the Island?), but I was glad she could look after Anne and see how much Gilbert was loving it. I'm also loving her being already 'practically over' Nate Rawley - I think I can remember using almost exactly those words to convince myself as a young lass. No more Island boys for her all right! She really does end up with a whole new start. Priss' heartbreak somehow adds to the poignancy of her later relationship with Stella for me.

Another gorgeous, effortless chapter, kwak. So true to the original and yet so, so much more than that. I'm enjoying reliving the excitement building with each chapter. You never disappoint with your genius writing. :)
12/19/2015 c2 Formerly known as J
I would never want to take a pill before reading Mr Sloane's innermost thoughts. I laughed just as hard at Charlie's hilarious list of food consumption as I did the first time, kwak, and most particularly the quantities therein. What a surprise then that he was so 'uncomfortably full' as he walked Anne home. Hehe. Then his speculations about Anne's 'symptoms' of love, observations about her reaction to Shakespeare and potential jewellery sources made me laugh uproariously in anticipation of the actual ring he eventually produces! He is pure genius. I love him.

And welcome, Josie - isn't she just delicious? I'm so glad she had prime position on the swing to watch the little interaction as Gilbert makes a 'perfect fool' of himself for Anne. And you know I enjoyed her snide comments about Ruby's tea, her swollen feet and the 'substantial' Pye library. What a gem she is! :)

Gilbert is an absolute darling and I want to give him a big kiss as usual.

As if that wasn't enough amusement, to be regaled with the image of Marilla's chat with Anne while fiddling with her ring had me in stitches (not necessarily a good option for me at the mo, with a few stitches of a different variety still to deal with!). But of course it was the veritable apples from Eden that Gilbert found for her that had me sighing. Although the power of the apple was so quickly worn off by thoughts of Pyes. I'm appreciating Anne's ambitions in the face of the marriage onslaught from all around and I love her declaration that she's not waiting for her prince. She really was one of a kind in Avonlea hey? Once again, no wonder Gilbert fell so hard.

In conclusion, 'Miss Stacey, Miss Stacey, you make my heart go racy'?! Now I may well bust a stitch! You are hilarious, woman. ILY
12/7/2015 c1 Formerly known as J
It's fun to revisit the diaries, kwak. I'm happy to report I still love this as much if not more than ever. I'd forgotten how powerfully this story grabbed my attention from the very first words from our gorgeous Anne. Why wouldn't Gilbert Blythe be in love with such a girl as this? You make Anne so very Anne-ish right from her introduction from her 'beloved Green Gables' and 'the pearl of Abegweit' nestled on the glittering sea. I don't know whether I've mentioned to you before how very much I admire the talent you have for capturing our girl so perfectly. I remember way back when I first started reading that intro from her, I thought to myself ~ oho here's a writer who knows what's what.

Anne's delightful entry was such a joy to read again, full to the brim with those little details that you always include so effortlessly. Her discussion of what to name the diary (although starting off with a capital to show it's importance) made me think of how later on in her 'halved' state it becomes plain 'diary' again. From that to the boy she suspects plans to be 'more than nice' with his pesky hand placement having dire effects on her penmanship and Sloanishness like a bog! Still makes me lol. Just perfect. And I am fully appreciating the early references to Eden and seeking the soft place to fall (apparently not Gilbert just yet!).

Charlie Sloane is an absolute winner from the get go, babes. How much do I love him and his lists and weather reports even now? A lot, k, believe me! I especially love his plans for the *improvised air * as he recites Shakespeare. Hahah! He is hilarious.

And darling Gilbert makes you smile inside from the start. I adore him noticing the look from Mr Allen and pondering it's learning as a useful tool when he's a doctor. I bet he did go on to use it successfully in later years. ;) And the anagram word plays as he contemplates the same thing as Anne, although even if he can't confide in Ida, Anne can. Genius, kwaky. But of course I loved him resolving never to touch Anne's hand again. EVER. Bless him, he's adorable.

Thanks again for sharing your gifts with us so generously. Love it.
7/24/2015 c10 8seastar97
Amazing. I loved how you hit on the key points of how Gilbert and Anne feel about their relationship-perfection in brevity, honestly. I loved the whole thing, and you seriously have a voice just like LMM's. I need pointers!
On to the next year! xx
7/23/2015 c4 seastar97
Fabulous. The little memories from Anne of Gilbert are TOO CUTE. I like Phil and Diana as well.
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