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9/26/2019 c2 SomePervyGuy
Intresting. Do continue.
11/14/2015 c2 Ghost024
This sounds both interesting and bad. I really don't mean to offend you but Halo and Code Geass aren't exactly stories you think can mesh together rather well at first.
7/3/2015 c2 4tf330129
keep it up :)
12/23/2014 c1 Guest
There is no way I can believe that Lelouch honestly thought that discrimination, bigotry, etc would cease to exist after his death. That's ridiculous.
12/18/2014 c2 Webb360
The last part of the chapter seems rushed, and you've confused me with the ages of the Spartan cadets. You implied that they were ten-ish, but at end you stated that they are in their mid teens. And you are throwing a nineten year old Lulouch into this?
12/5/2014 c2 Geasszero
I like the chapter, I hope the next exit soon
12/5/2014 c2 FanciedFanfic
Great chapter, keep on going
12/4/2014 c2 4Fallen-Ryu
well shit, this is going to get real...hopefulyl we get a small timelapse to when lelouch is one of the spartan's planners...while not a commander (thats definetly johns role) he might end up as the big planner, and after some time the details and small crap he didnt notice during the anime/manga wouldnt happen.

hopefully nunally will be safe from the havoc of the covenant.

lets just say hadron cannons, blaze luminous sheilds, radiation surges and M.A.C guns aglore folks! as well as a running warfare like homeworld...or AI star Command (aka-dont piss off the AI to much or you will be overhwlemed...but this time lelouch is fighting a covenant empire set on 10/10!)
11/14/2014 c1 2nobodyreallyimportant
Good old Gman. Never change.
Now what must going Lelouche do?
10/27/2014 c1 tsukimugiwara
gman why are you so awesome.
I am sure everyone read his dialogue with all his creepy way of talking.
tough at the ending he should have said :
''time to choose ''
the start was a little confusing but I will be following.
sorry for the terrible english.
10/27/2014 c1 4Fallen-Ryu
welp the precursors are pissed, covenant beware, you have awakened the sleeping demon dragon of destruction.
10/26/2014 c1 mistgun4
Ok, im confused. Did the Zero Requiem happen? or was it one of those"it could happen"things? or are back in time and changing everything.

It looks like a good story though like i said, i'm confused.
10/26/2014 c1 Dragonaut344Doomed
You do realize how creepy you made that person (think Orochimaru, from 'Naruto'). Other than that, it may be interesting to see what you do and how you plan to develop this story. I haven't come across many who write about using the geass verse as a back story. I think I may know where you plan on taking this story, but whatever. Good luck writing the next chapter.
10/25/2014 c1 2Ragez
I love the addition of a G-Man type character as a Godly-interference type of character. Usually, authors tend to include typical friendly Mary Sue characters with foreknowledge of the future/omniscience and incredibly broken powers to help the main character. This usually creates a fairly boring/un-engaging story, but it seems as though Lelouch's saviour isn't going with that archetype at all.

Your story features incredibly descriptive scenes: It's very easy to not only feel as though I'm actually there, but also to emphasise with Lelouch's extreme suffering. I feel like I'm being drawn in, like I'm staring at gristly details and experiencing the myriad of emotions running through Lelouch's mind.

I must say, I'm looking forward to seeing how the story plays out. Good luck working on the next chapter!
10/25/2014 c1 Guest
Oh shit its G man!

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