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for Reaper of the Force

11/15/2019 c2 Guest
Update plz!
12/5/2018 c2 107Scififan33
Poor Ichigo!
4/16/2018 c2 1NHarem Foreva
2 years on this one XD
3/21/2018 c2 3BlueShard20
I love this! Keep going please.
6/4/2017 c1 Wordlurker
...Huh. Yeah, I don't even. Still, interesting premise. Guess I'll give it a go.
9/3/2016 c2 OSR fanatic
Great Story! :) Update Soon! :)
8/7/2016 c2 12creativesm75
7/31/2016 c2 5SomethingAncient
Sweet, an update! Can't wait to see where you take this. Oh, and I think Yoda snuck his speech patterns into your narrative a bit.
7/30/2016 c2 7moon so bright
7/30/2016 c1 moon so bright
Cool concept.
7/25/2016 c1 3hevenlydemonknight
This awesome great that you updated
7/23/2016 c2 1yiggdrasill
this isnt as bad as you seem to think it is. its also an idea with potential.
7/17/2016 c2 star
Took u long enough -_-

and hea i thought u has 3/4 of this chapter ready
7/16/2016 c2 Bobthebobberof69
Nice chapter.
7/14/2016 c2 bardshark
I'm so glad you are continuing this story. hopefully you will update soon :)
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