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8/11/2023 c1 Mason1518
Please finish!
1/26/2023 c4 Guest
I wish you'd revisit this.
12/27/2022 c4 3WildChild1954
Please, please go back and finish this story! What you have here has already hooked my heart and mind so I pray that you will finish this one.
5/28/2022 c4 anyagal
Okay this was really beautiful.
2/21/2022 c1 Renee Aubin
Something I forgot to ask in my review: How does the mysterious package "change everything"? It sure doesn't seem to change a thing for Edward (unless the story really isn't finished...)
2/21/2022 c4 Renee Aubin
Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to start to review this story. It popped up while I was cleaning out my inbox, in a 2014 email from The Lemonade Stand.

First and most importantly, it’s not marked as complete. It COULD be a finished story, but it leaves a huge question of what does Bella do with the box of Edward’s treasures? Does she ever come to understand what it means? Does she do anything about it, or is the prologue the real end?

I assume he sent the box of treasures after she got engaged to whats-his-name (I get queasy thinking too much about Bella/Jacob). He must have delivered it about the time he sends the prologue note to Alice. So … he doesn't wait to see how she responds?
That’s a particularly twinge-y moment when she doesn’t recognize his handwriting!

There’s something so heart-wrenching about Edward having decided to stay away from Bella, and yet do what he always said he would, watch from a distance to make sure she’s safe. For six years, apparently, including while she goes away to college.
He sees the proposal, and it breaks him. That prologue just kills me.

Intriguing choice of timing, that the van accident happened, and the gruff conversation in the hospital afterwards, and that’s when Edward decided to “go back to Alaska”. That tracks with canon, where he stayed in Forks but ignored her for weeks while he wrestled with his dilemma. This way, ‘I will circumvent your two futures.’ Shiver.

So well said: ‘She is light, where I am darkness, and I refuse to force her into this… empty, soulless half-life we lead through my own weakness and selfishness.’
A great many things were “so well said”, but I’d end up quoting most of the story back to you. Really, anything that doesn’t involve whats-his-name!

OK, one more thing I have to quote from the prologue:
‘I should have listened to you. I should have tried to be more than the monster I am.
It's too late. I can't now. Not when she looks at him like that, not when he makes her laugh, not when she calls him her sun.
Not when all I'll ever be is night.’
Knife to the heart.

It’s especially haunting that Bella didn’t stop thinking of Edward for those six years, and instantly recognized the old photo of him. Surely if she reads the journals… what a lot she would learn! If the Quileute pack formed because of the presence of the other Cullens, eventually Jacob would have to confess his shifter nature. Which (as much as he runs his mouth) would then lead to remarks about the Cullens. It's not hard to imagine Edward remaining as a dark mystery in her heart for the rest of her life.

But perhaps by the time she reads the journals, Edward will have gone to the Volturi. And perhaps the other Cullens would have vanished too.

This story breaks my heart, but it’s SO GOOD! A completely credible imagining of what could have happened with one different decision. Sigh. And thank you.
1/16/2022 c4 CinnamonKitty
Very compelling story, thank you!
10/23/2021 c4 Anda
Such a sad story :(
2/6/2021 c4 Magda95
id love for you to continue this one day but alas ... thats probably not happening. what a promising beginning to a story!
1/1/2020 c4 Tiskit
I know it’s been years since the last update, but I think I speak for all of your readers that we’d love a new chapter. I hope RL is treating you well and that you and your’s have a wonderful 2020. :)
7/22/2019 c4 4Ticcing Bat
I do hope you come back to this x
6/9/2019 c4 3abbyweyr
Well written start. Would like to see this finished. Bella should have a choice.
4/21/2017 c4 AcidSweet
I hope you decide to finish this, really miss your writing, I too have been caught by Imagine Dragons' Demons song and your story. Thanks for sharing your words
2/19/2017 c4 LaurelLeafSinger
? Oh, more, please! What happens next?
2/19/2017 c2 LaurelLeafSinger
Just found your story and it sounds good and intriguing so far. Can't wait to read the next chapter...
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