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for Kingdom Come

11/24/2014 c4 Cullenosopy
Thank you!
11/24/2014 c4 DeeDee630
Looking forward to more chapters. Thanks for sharing your talent
11/24/2014 c4 36jmolly
I'm enjoying this.
11/24/2014 c4 Twiolic
What can I say but...more please :o)
11/24/2014 c4 EdwardsVampTramp
Poor E...*sigh*

So...did Alice leave that package for Bella or did Edward? I'm betting on Alice.;)
11/24/2014 c4 Karandash86
Love this. It makes my heart hurt.
11/24/2014 c4 1EdwardsFirstKiss
11/24/2014 c4 DutchGirl01
Really enjoyed this chapter, great work.
11/24/2014 c4 2roxnroll
Loved this journal entry! Looking forward to more!
11/24/2014 c4 slc6548
Such a tortured soul!
11/24/2014 c4 5FluffyLiz
Oh, such tragic logic from poor Emoward. But now I'm beginning to think it can't have been Edward who left the box, as he was surely too determined to 'save' Bella from himself to give in now, and it doesn't make sense in light of the prologue. It can therefore only have been Alice, in a last ditch attempt to show Bella who Edward is and what she means to him, in order to stop her marrying Jake and thereby, hopefully, also stop Edward looking for a way to die.
11/24/2014 c4 cullenmeadow
Thanks for update :)
11/24/2014 c4 BelleBiter
Patience with Doltward never seems to get any easier.
11/24/2014 c4 Rita01tx
Must have been Alice leavin' the box 'cause I don't see Edward breakin' a resolve he spent six years keepin'!
11/24/2014 c4 heldtoransom
I'm loving this story! Has Edward gone to Italy and Alice, as a desperate last measure left the box of mementos on Bella's doorstep?
I'm so happy Bella has never forgotten Edward.
Also, thank you for sending me off to reread Midnight Sun - I'd forgotten how good it is and how I'd lost Edward's true voice amongst the countless fics I've read over the years.
I look forward to more of your superb story.
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