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4/20/2015 c17 24MissEclipse
Awww - don't you just wanna give Faceman a big hug? He needs to talk about that last mission and probably Mrs B is the only one who can bring him out of his funk. :)
4/17/2015 c17 Guest
Love me some Mama B's common sense! Thanks for inviting her along.
4/17/2015 c17 Long Live BRUCAS
Go Mrs. B. If the team cant through to Face I an sure you will.
4/14/2015 c16 MissEclipse
Scooter and Mrs B make a great pairing! She's a perfect addition to their dysfunctional family. No doubt she'll be dishing out the TLC all round. Nice! :)
4/13/2015 c16 Long Live BRUCAS
HA! Now with Mrs. B around for a bit Face won t be able to lie about how he's feeling-emotionally or physically.
4/13/2015 c16 23SaraiEsq
Trust Mrs. B to straighten Face out right now. :-)
3/23/2015 c15 SaraiEsq
Like that last line especially!
3/23/2015 c15 24MissEclipse
That was a nice heart-warming chapter. Really feeling the love between the guys. Each one of them are looking out for Face in their own unique way. And the adorable Murdock hit the nail right on the head with his analysis of their brotherly relationship. Great job! :)
3/21/2015 c15 Long Live BRUCAS
Poor Face but now that Mrs. B knows what's going on she will mother him. Help make him see he is worth it. And he has people that do care if he died. And that she should be called if he's hurt.
3/21/2015 c15 19CrazyFM
Great chapter, Face is right, Murdock can find the magic in everything :)
They all really are family, great chapter I love this brotherly moments between Murdock and Face
2/25/2015 c14 24MissEclipse
Aww, that was a nice bit of fluff! Loving the introduction of Mama Baracus. But I wonder if this is gonna be the calm before the storm! Keep it coming, muchacho!
2/24/2015 c14 Long Live BRUCAS
OOO BA aND Hannibal WERE/ARE BEING SNEAKY. But why not just tell Face and Murdock whtas going on. I am sure they would love to see Mama Barcus too.
2/13/2015 c13 MissEclipse
So glad you continued with this and thanks for the updates. All those loose ends are making sense now. Loved all the Murdock mischief and what exactly is BA up to?
2/12/2015 c13 Long Live BRUCAS
Hm... What are Hannibal and BA up too.

Hope Hannibal doesn't get caught or try to set a trap of sorts for Decker .
2/12/2015 c12 Long Live BRUCAS
O No poor Maggie. Decker is going to interrogate /talk to her.
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