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for Corrupt Justice

2/6/2015 c2 1RosaSilvermist
This is really interesting, write more!
11/24/2014 c2 3PegasisNemasis36
Greetings. I am Vultarian01.

Beggining Author's note- Thank you. America. :'C

Law Enforcement- I half to say this guy is pretty cool. I mean he's pretty tough that's self-explanatory. But I also like how he knows when and when not to use force in contrast to a lot of other modern cops. He's also polite and only cares about keeping people safe which I HIGHLY admire. I have NO idea why nobody would hire this guy! This guy, like Mayor Mare thought, is OVERqualified! This guy is my new favorite character and he I have no doubt he'll be the best sheriff ever and will not be the bad guy in this fic! :D

Mayor Mare- I like how she says that the criminal will NOT be getting a trial. I mean I thought it was the law that no matter how guilty you looked you are still allowed to have a trial. Hmm...maybe we should make Law Enforcement the judge instead. He's so justified and non -prejudice that I'm sure he'll deal out fair and clean punishments! :D I also liked how she said that he wanted to say that she wanted him to be sheriff, him asking if he could still consider her, and her u necessarily saying something she thought she didn't say but in fact did. :)

Ack Knee- I really envy this guy. I wish I couldn't care about...anything. It would make life a lot simpler. But regardless he seems to have a head on his shoulders. I wonder if this guy will be a recurring character what with all the personality, or lack there of, he's getting. But even if he isn't we still got the best sheriff in the world! :D

Cops- ...eh. Not too different from modern cops. But that will soon change with the arrival of Law Enforcement and his sense of righteousness an justice! :D

Scared Pony Lady- I like how she kicks the guy in the back of the head...although not necessary because Law Enforcement did an AMAZING job handling the situation! Her doesn't need her! He has the powers of Chuck Norris Pony! :D

Ending Author's Note- I can't see which sentence has the grammatical error. But like you said, it's on the author's note so it doesn't matter TOO much.

All in all I found this chapter to be an excellent follow up from the first one. And I will be looking forward to how Law Enforcement will be helping Ponyville and will not be turning evil whatsoever! :D
11/23/2014 c1 oOoGuestoOo
Good like usual. Can't wait for more. Sorry I did chapter 2 first.
11/23/2014 c2 oOoGuestoOo
Good as always. Keep going.
11/23/2014 c1 Anoa
¡Hola! Mi nombre es Anoña. Y voy a revisar su historia.
Me gusta el formato de su historia. Es muy profesional.
Me gusta lo valiente Mayor Mare era.
Me gustó el penal.
Me encantó el drama de suspenso.
Me gusta lo aburrido era Ack Knee. Él es divertido.
Todo estaba bien.
No puedo esperar para el próximo capítulo.
Adiós señorita Betty Bear.
10/27/2014 c1 PegasisNemasis36
Greetings. I am Vultarian01.

Authors note- First of all I like to say that I REALLY love your author's note. It really pumps me up for the story and kind of gets me in the perspective of what's going to be happening next. Eben thought this is your first chapter you STILL managed to get me hooked on the story before I even GOT to the story. Excellent.

Disclaimer- Your disclaimer is very professional. I like the way THAT is constructed as well.

Mayor Mare- I like the way you presented her in this. It really does make her position as a mayor seem more believable as opposed to simply making her say a speech. I especially like the way she tries to help out that poor girl out and stands up to the robber. You don't fuck with this Mayor/Mare!

Ack Knee- I like the name. Very clever and yet it makes me wonder if his special talent in life is getting pizza faces. I think we need to hug him...but not now. Now I would like to point out how entertainingly boring he is! He's just So non-caring about everything up to telling his customers to have a normal day. Then I have to admit I find him kinda cool that he tells the robber to not point guns at his customers. really says a lot...either that or he's just not in the mood for it. Either way this guy is hilarious!

Robber pony- Wow...this guy is a jerk. Somebody better stop him before he yells some more and only point guns without actually firing them. -_-. JK. But this IS a pretty good depiction of a robber and I find him very mean and nasty which makes his takeout all the more fun to read.

Mysterious pony- This guy sounds pretty tough. And he is definitely the justice type...but its the way he said "Don't turn your back on Justice" that kind of gave me a chill down my spine. I mean I'm sure he means it the way it sounds...but I can't help but feel that what he said will drive the plot into a darker direction. But that's just a feeling. Also Xang Jun? seems legit. :)

Overall this is a FANTASTIC beggining to what I'm sure is going to be an engaging read. Can't wait for more!

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