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3/19/2022 c30 Cliff
Bruh… what a fucked way to leave me hanging man! Loved every part of this,Pertemis is also my favorite pairing and an OP Percy is hard to get right, you did well. And purge is an all time favorite for sure. He’s honestly my favorite character in this story personally. Sad you never finished this. But loved reading what you have written
1/4/2022 c19 kageknuser2710
I hate when stories start out with a badass Percy, and he then turns all meek for comedic relief. It's annoying and it destroys the flow of the story. Purge is enough comedy on his own. Adding the usual male-afraid-of-angry-female trope is just redundant. It only serves to undermind the effort you put into building this version of Percy.
The dude is obviously stronger than The Big Three, it makes no sense for him to fear Artemis' wrath and take shit from anyone.
12/26/2021 c30 turquoisecherryblossom
Oh man….this fanfic is so sick! I hope that more chapters will come
12/17/2021 c30 1goblin81
An excellent story i hope your muse finds the inspiration to bring it to a conclusion.
11/27/2021 c30 steel.metal14
absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for more!
11/12/2021 c24 Sokeefe4Ever
DAMN You aphrodite. youre a crazy bitch you know that right? also perverted and did i mention INSANE
9/23/2021 c30 Dk676
Please continue
8/14/2021 c29 1MandoWalker
Really he can’t kill an unarmed man? What a wussy
8/14/2021 c23 MandoWalker
Like he can defeat king of titans but can’t defeat arty? Lol BS all the way
8/14/2021 c23 MandoWalker
So we’re this far and you have him lose a fight or arty? Lol just say you wanted her to win because she should have been curb stomped in the fight
8/1/2021 c26 ar5113
and if not for the flashback he would've beaten her.. or purge could have
8/1/2021 c21 ar5113
typical gods cursing others for someone's fault.
7/31/2021 c2 ar5113
i also wanted this type of fanfic where he gives back what he gets from the hunters
7/30/2021 c14 Syenous
"Ares yelling at nothing in particular" LMAO I DIED
7/30/2021 c5 Syenous
lmao this is the most funny shit ive ever seen especially the percy trial thing
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