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12/31/2020 c14 1anaklumos28
Please tell me Percy goes and gets the dead hunters back to life -that would be one heck of a plot. I also enjoy the interaction between Percy and Jasmine - it is a little bubble of energy that brings positive life back into the story.
12/31/2020 c13 anaklumos28
Wow, I admire your bravery to actually kill characters.

Although, I feel like it was a bit unfair that the people who were central to the plot survived ;) Also, I wish Poryphrion died when Percy had interacted with him - maybe breaking the rule about killing giants because Percy has titan powers, which is beyond the Olympian level?

Your writing of the interaction between Purgatory and Percy is simply brilliant with how Purgatory stays calm when he knows Percy is angry and I love how Percy almost demolishes Poryphrion.
12/31/2020 c12 anaklumos28
Some plot-driving action - I am enjoying this a bit more! Although I wish you would pair someone with Percy rather than making us guess. Don't take offense but I sometimes wonder if you yourself are a bit like Purgatory - your writing style is so flamboyant at times when talking about the desires of the vile male characters and so descriptive and violent in the battle scenes.

I am a bit excited by your cliffhanger :)
12/31/2020 c11 anaklumos28
It is finally good to see some story action in which Percy is not trying to kill someone for what they did to him.

I do feel like your romance parts are a bit too passionate, but this may be a way for you to express those feelings so I am going to try to not judge.

I am interested by your cliffhanger at the end - who the heck is Percy going to be paired with? Honestly, even Styx would be a pretty good idea lol.
12/31/2020 c10 anaklumos28
You obviously thought these weapons out quite well and even creating a special type of material just for Percy.

I do wonder if just having a few weapons that Percy uses more frequently might have been better than having like 11 Percy uses a little.

I also like the idea of a weapon that only Percy and not Purgatory can use. I really hope you use that in some plot action; otherwise, I feel like you are just churning out a great big backstory for no reason lol.
12/31/2020 c9 anaklumos28
I like the vindictive pleasure that we feel when those Titans are killed; they have such horrible, cruel plans.

However, I don't know if that is a healthy way to drive the plot - having to kill a father who wants to have sex with his daughter? I don't even know if Kronos would be horrible enough to do that. Although to be fair, I have never met him personally. ;) I also wonder if there could have been a way for Bi to survive (I thought Bi was a nickname for Bianco di Angelo for some reason lol)

I do love the little scene between Zoe and Percy - it shows how innocent they are romantically and how much they still respect each other. It is a breath of fresh air in this book with gods trying to have forceful sex with other gods/people.
12/31/2020 c8 anaklumos28
After some thought, I think I enjoy understanding about Percy's backstory because it does help us understand how he got all these cool powers. I think it might have been a better fit to have this part at the very beginning; however, I am not sure if this just happened to cross your mind after the 7th chapter or you intentionally left out that information? I guess it will become more obvious as the story progresses.

One thing I think could be improved is the lack of a plot - sure Percy is angry at all his previous homies for letting him go to Tartarus, and I am not saying that Percy needs to know the whole story before he goes and does anything, but I feel like the story has no direction. Is Percy protecting the hunters as they go on a dangerous hunting expedition? Is Percy planning to save a group of abandoned girls somewhere dangerous? Does Percy to fight the Primordials with his new powers? Additionally, I am not sure if the rap* component of Cameron's dialogue was necessary to show Cameron was a complete bubble butt and I feel that it may not be thoroughly within the T rating boundary and I would appreciate if you would not include that in further chapters.

As I said before, I love seeing all these cool weapons and Percy killing all these Titans. I think the writing of how one lucky blow to Kronos allowed Percy to slowly get momentum to kill all these Titans is pretty cool.
12/30/2020 c7 anaklumos28
Holy fricking heck. How do you write Cameron in a way that makes me hate him so much - I don't know how you get these ideas for all these crazy characters and ways of dieing but you definitely have good battle scenes.
12/30/2020 c6 anaklumos28
ooooh I am so excited - you didn't show the interactions between Purgatory and the rest of the 7 campers but that's fine. I just want to see Cameron get destroyed!
12/30/2020 c5 anaklumos28
I would like to see Percy with Artemis, Calpyso, or Zoe. I think I would feel slightly nauseous if you paired him with Annabeth.

I hope you don't focus too much on the battles - they do have some vindictive pleasure but they don't feel like they bring any plot-driving action.

I do like how Percy manhandles Zeus and the cool names for his weapons :)
12/30/2020 c4 anaklumos28
You are surprisingly good at writing Percy as an insane character. You have thought about his attack and talking style when writing him as a character and the fact that I am reading this story with minimal romance as of yet is a testament to how interesting the story is.

However, I do feel like just seeing crazy Purgatory kill people may not be the most fun thing to read for a whole story.

You also captured some of his crazy mannerisms in small ways like taking a tent peg from Artemis's tent. It is these small details that you blow up that makes me a little nervous whenever I see Purgatory engaging in interaction. I like it.
12/30/2020 c3 anaklumos28
I really enjoy the focus on Purgatory saving the girls - I always felt like that could have been expanded upon in similar stories (Everlasting Promises and the Queen's Champion).

I wish that you portrayed Purgatory/Percy as a hottie - that would really fit in with this whole bad boy image but I do feel a little bit of shame thinking that considering that this chapter was about girls who almost died. I also wish that Percy/Purgatory builds a relationship with a mother/father figure like Hestia. I think it could help with the transition from Percy to Purgatory.

Finally, I think you could easily make Artemis and Percy fall for each other and I would love to see the transition from Purgatory to Percy in this upcoming chapter. I like your story, keep it up! (and add some romance you bubble popper)
12/28/2020 c2 anaklumos28
I really like this Joker version of Percy Jackson - I feel like if I came back after a millennium of wrongful suffering I would give everyone shit. Brilliant writing and idea to have joker Percy listening to actual Percy. I would eventually like to see Percy at least partially forgive everyone and be more loving and caring.

I also would love to see Percy/Calypso - I always thought that version would be hard to implement, as Calpyso lives on this island and it would be hard to make more than like 5 chapters about their adventures on a circle in the middle of nowhere. But this version allows for it! 3
12/28/2020 c1 anaklumos28
Ahh wow I love this - bring psycho Percy! haha, this will show Zeus to mess with him again!
12/19/2020 c2 AMurder0fCrows
this is a crack fic. I can't take this seriously theirs no gravatas anywhere. its just yelling and cheeky backtalk. why are good evil fics so damm hard to find
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