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6/12 c43 Brianlee072797
I love your work. It was fun all the way through
6/7 c43 1naru namikaze360
Personally really liked this story I’m glad I found it. It was actually exactly what I was looking for. For once all the characters get everything they deserve instead of half of them being dead or otherwise indisposed.
5/31 c1 Dark Dragon Lord Drake
I have read this story many times but now that I have beat the new legendary edition I'm re reading it to fully understand it. thank you I found the love of the game again:)
5/30 c16 1Bearmauls
is there a reason Harry couldn't apparate or portkey away from the planet, once he successfully grabbed Shepard?
5/23 c43 141Quatermass
So, in the end, good story. I do find more than a few faults with it, and there's problems with an OP Harry nearly overshadowing Shepard, to say nothing of steamrolling over everyone politically, but otherwise, good fic.
5/22 c8 Quatermass
I personally think that Harry treated Hermione a little too harshly. I understand his reasoning, but blanking her is being too much of an arse. He could at least explain why he's angry. But no, Harry has to act like a prat.
5/18 c23 AvidGamer
Can I just say that I love your Garrus?
5/14 c43 DeadAccount1113
I will say I read your books over and over. It always gives me the satisfaction that normally goes after the first read.
5/10 c43 keht.jelicho
loved this story, and yes its made me laugh. Also, much like the games themselves it leave me wanting more, but aware there is not much that can be done with the current characters at the point it ends. Sure there is plenty more things the crews will get up to (and there is the whole "Andromeda" story-line that might be interesting to explore with this version of the universe, plus the whole 'return of Magicals' aspect that may be an interesting story) but really, as was stated, Harry has basically 'conquered' the galaxy and Shepherd has Many resources to throw at problems so there really isn't a need for the 'small highly trained team' dynamic and the story just wouldn't work without it.
So that is all to say that I can understand ending the story here (not that I would be opposed to several 'epilogue' type one-shots of later events such as weddings, children, a reconciliation/conversation with Hermione, refounding/creating of magical school(s), more details on the replacement for the Citadel, an update on the sisters that worked at the former Chora's den and Flux/their reunion with thier Liberated brother and/or whether they survived the attacks on the citadel, whether the Consort and Septimus worked out a viable relationship with one another, the results of the Consorts pool on who the next member of Harry's Harem will be (if/when he proposes to his two lovers or otherwise 'makes it official' with them or if he doesn't, and whether there are any others), any kind of resolution with Tali's father/if he will be at the wedding, etc etc: many little questions and things that could potentially be addressed in short scenes, vignettes, and the like, sometimes even multiple answers with a single scene.) Ok so I apparently can think of a lot more that could be shown for the story/its 'immediate aftermath' than I thought I would when I started. Still that isn't necessarily needed nor really in keeping with the tone of the rest of the story and it all has gone off on a serious tangent from where I intended at the start. Oh wait! and what about the House Elves? if the Geth 'cured magic' then could they have been released? They would both annoy Harry yet Also be a great help for the rebuilding.

this is a fantastic story, and I have really enjoyed it and find myself sad to let these characters go. I do want to make one observation though, this Harry is more the 'Master of Death' than almost any other version of Harry I have ever read, and you didn't even include that trope into your writing, at least not explicitly. Still Harry is effectively immortal, he is ridiculously powerful, he has 'gone to another world' in that he was sent through time, he defeated the Reapers/controlled them (where Reapers is a play on Grim Reaper/death). The Hallows may not really play much role in this fic besides the Elder wand tangentially (though actually what happened with the Cloak, was kinda curious how it would hold up against cloaking tech as the Magic areas of Earth were shown as altered reality areas that tech couldn't find and thus I wondered if the Cloak would similarly be superior to tech methods?) But this Harry is still undoubtedly a 'Master of Death' though it remains to be seen how long of a lifespan he will have.
4/23 c43 Nurva
thank you for wading through all the toxic negativity and publishing an enjoyable story. I've never played mass effect, but everything was so well layed out that it didn't matter. so again thank you and I really enjoyed your story!
4/22 c43 1Jack's Shack of Story Yaks
Thank you for the story! It was wonderful to read!
4/15 c43 bulldogmo
First, I have always enjoyed your work, no matter the fandom.
Second, I laugh out loud when I read them because I live alone and I don't care if the neighbors hear me laughing.
Third: Ignore those buttholes that say negative things about your writing. It is your words, your worlds that make up the stories. The rules, laws, and such are yours to twist any way you want them to.

Please continue because you bring joy not only to this house-trapped reader but to many others that just don't have the courage to say it.
4/12 c43 11mkeeg91
Awesome story!
I’m sorry the a-holes made things rough for you. I agree, they suck and should be banned.

Great work!
Off to your next story now!
4/11 c7 Ambaire
I love how every time a problem comes up, the geth automagically solve it.
4/5 c2 mkeeg91
That was great!
Haha loves the light red, pink reference

And the story concept
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