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for Harry Potter: Geth

9/26 c43 3Romele
thanks for the story, I'm sad that you had to end it like that because of others but continue writing, you're a good writer
9/19 c24 Apollodorus13
I am always curious about his 70 year life expectancy. Realistically speaking, this harry could theoretically live for thousands of years. His brain should last way longer since its mostly synthetic, same thing for his muscles but those can be regrown, so can youthful skin, organs cloned etc. Dude is set and could even do the sane for mate. honesty, just with his life expectancy as it is now, he and the geth would most likely stumble upon immortality, wether through magic or science
9/19 c22 Apollodorus13
Ive read this so many times and i always feel like you messed up w how Harry treats Jack. I feel like he would have sympathized with her past abd treated her like the little sister he never had
9/11 c43 Blazeb79
Always love your stories !
8/25 c43 Ratus
I truly appreciate and enjoyed this story. I have reread it several times, and enjoy it every time.
8/21 c35 d.mckinney1014
harry you lucky bastard
8/19 c24 d.mckinney1014
so voldemort was a salarian then?
8/17 c1 d.mckinney1014
oh boo its a male shep
8/15 c27 Cyan-Snake
Imagine actually listening to people so you don't get people killed. Kinda boring reading this story now.
8/14 c1 Cyan-Snake
:/ started strong ended trash. you couldn't take literally 5 minutes to go through the information you have access to? It's kinda pathetic reading a Harry Potter that comes from Canon because then you are left with this disappointment.
8/7 c1 2Nerdy Geekdom
I've read this story over half a dozen times, and it truly is the best Mass Effect story I've come across. Whenever I'm in the mood for ME, this is my go to. Thanks for sharing!
8/7 c43 8Digitize27
Eh, I wouldn't worry about readers who didn't enjoy this, at the end of the day their whining just pumped up the view count and increased the odds of people who would enjoy it finding it, like me.
Been a while since I had a nice, easy read like this from fanfiction, nothing too serious, but very enjoyable. The only constructive criticism I might level is your odd choice with separating character speech mid-paragraph with line breaks, but it didn't detract too much from the overall experience, and I thought you absolutely nailed the banter between the various characters. Made them feel very real even as it kept the tone light at the right times.
Great work, I'll be having a scan of your other works to see if something catches my eye.
8/5 c24 Shadeymankey
He should live a lot longer than 70 years
7/30 c43 Efail
This one was great all the way through. It had funny jokes, attention to detail, and fun unique interactions. The only real complaint is it ends a little abruptly but it's still overall pretty great.
7/27 c7 NathanTankersley
on my 8th read through.
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