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4/28/2017 c15 chaosalien
First off your English is not that bad, just a few words that needed to but change but nothing major that couldn't be decifered :)

This story shows more in depth of what Lucina could have gone through in her timeline. And it does give a bit of insight of a theory of how inigo ended up the way he is towards woman. Overall I did enjoy your fic and it's a shame that it isn't longer but some things are better short and sweet
9/5/2015 c15 1fuzzy122672
You switched the double quotation marks with the single quotation marks. It makes this hard to read.
8/31/2015 c15 Cookie
I love your work.
It's really good.
It give me all the sads too.
Thank you for writing this.
8/10/2015 c15 alcamoth
Well, I'm glad everything worked out in the end. It was a great story, Pitta. Great job!
7/3/2015 c14 alcamoth
Ooh, someone else found out! •0•
7/3/2015 c14 1Darth Sinox
So, is there going to be a love triangle between robin, Lucia, and Igno?
5/22/2015 c13 7KirbyKnight65
Pfft OOC? this is Fanfiction! XD great chapter
5/22/2015 c13 alcamoth
I feel oddly relatable to Inigo...? Meh.
5/8/2015 c12 Cookie Mayhem
Hi! I couldn't help but notice this story when I looked up Lucina fan-fic. Don't ask me why I did look it up, but I don't regret. I hope you can keep on going, and I look forward to the next chapter!

Peace out!
4/26/2015 c12 alcamoth
Apologies for not reviewing sooner.

So I guess we're gonna start with some weird time paradox stuff real soon? Judging from the "next time"... I'd assume so.
3/15/2015 c11 1Darth Sinox
I think I may have just died a bit inside.
3/13/2015 c11 7KirbyKnight65
Great as always Pitta, Glad to see you're still writing greatly

3/13/2015 c11 2LucythePir8
I think it just had a heart attack of FLUFFFF! SO good.
3/13/2015 c1 Renascence-A
Not only will this story eventually feature a shit tier pairing (Lucina / MU), but I fear it's noy very impressive so far. Clichéd writing devices and poor writer's craft is a guarantee for a bad story.
3/12/2015 c11 alcamoth
Aw... So cute!
But the cuteness won't last forever...
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