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5/20/2018 c6 2naturefox64
please update
1/22/2016 c6 10jy24
Seems to be near ending, wonder how this fanfic ends. Please update.
9/10/2015 c6 Guest
When are you going to update?
8/30/2015 c6 Dragonghost
I like it
8/22/2015 c6 blood rose
When are you going to update?
8/9/2015 c2 blood rose
Wait, I have a questions. Is Allen a baby kitten or a regular size cat? By the way, love this story!
8/7/2015 c6 Neko Midnight Cherry
So Cute! Please update again soon!
8/7/2015 c6 17Kichou
Nice chapter. I enjoyed reading it. Update when you have the time, please.
8/7/2015 c6 13Panda Master X
Yay! Its been forever! LOL. XD I completely forgot about this too, hahaha. I had to go back and reread it all. Hahaha. Good luck with the rest!
8/6/2015 c6 Hi
What happens when they go into heat? Just curious. :)
8/6/2015 c6 3WhiteWhisperingWind
excuse me for a moment...natsuki...

*falls to floor in a large laughing fit* o m g... xD
8/6/2015 c6 1LunarRazorblade20
That's soo cute.
8/6/2015 c6 blood rose
So cute! Please update more often.
8/6/2015 c6 I love pink
Kanda please don't kill me but I really want to pet Allen-kun he is just sounds so cute as a cat. I really love this fanfiction and update in your own time.
8/5/2015 c6 Shadow Spears
Awww allen and kanda are sooo adorable together! Their animal forms just adds icing to the cake! I can't wait to see the next chapter!
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