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for Heart's Desire

9/24 c5 Guest
Another brilliant chapter! Honestly, these schoolroom ones are truly wonderful :) I loved every bit of it, and can’t help but wonder if there are parallels to be drawn between young Gilbert and Jonah ;) slate vs contract!
9/24 c3 Guest
Wow. This was amazingly captured. The chapter unfolded so organically, I felt like I did when I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time. That instant transportation to a schoolroom from another time... truly marvellous. This also had all the right notes to it - reminds me so much of dead poets society... Anne changing minds and winning hearts. I love this chapter so much, and it didn’t even feature Gilbert! What on earth is happening! ;P
5/22 c9 LAB1
I so hope that you come back to work on this story! I'm loving it! Gilbert and Anne need to sit down and establish some ground rules so they are both on the same page. This blind trust is adorable and romantic, but not practical. As someone who has had a long engagement and made it through, they need to be more careful. My grandparents didn't make it. She had a 9 lb preemie! No one ever said a word. They eloped when she found out. Grandma was never quite settled if they were actually married as the paster they found in the phone book didn't know the ceremony in English!
5/22 c3 LAB1
As a long time homeschooling mom, this chapter spoke to me. Anne teaches her class like a homeschooler would!
4/28 c9 Guest
Please please please revisit this story. Do not let it die here. I need to see where this goes and how these beautiful characters move through this version of this story. Please I beg you to finish this amazing story!
4/27 c5 Guest
My favorite chapter!
4/27 c3 Guest
I am so entirely in love with this story. I know it has been years since your last post but I would love to see where you take Anne and her work at the school with all of those amazing students, Anne and her relationship with Gilbert (even the scandalous parts;) and Jo and Phil. Please I beg you to revisit this story. I’m dying to see where you take these amazing characters. I love your writing and have read your fanfics more than once and I just can’t seem to get enough.
2/26 c1 Guest
I don’t believe anyone does canon!Anne and Gilbert conversation like you do. 3
11/8/2021 c9 Xtine410
LOVE this story so far! 3 yrs IS a very long time to wait. I do like how Anne is experiencing these new found feelings with Gilbert and he’s feeling the same. The temptation is real! I hope you come back to this story and finish it. It’s a great POV especially since they didn’t have a lot of Gilbert in the really books during their engagement years.
9/30/2021 c9 vancepta
I have so enjoyed your trilogy! I know everyone needs time to refresh and rest. I am looking forward to your continuation of Herat's Desire. I hope this little note finds you in good spirits and ready to write. Can't wait to see what your creative mid gives us.
5/30/2021 c9 25Compactor
Are you sure you aren't the reincarnation of LMM yourself? Because this definitely reads as something she could've written! How beautiful and sweet and... hot, might I add. All of the characters, from Anne to Gilbert, to Phil and Diana, are on point, and some of the things- like Anne's especially stubborn student- seems like something straight out of the book. Windy Poplars wasn't one of my favorites, so I quite love this! And obviously LMM couldn't write something like this, considering the time period and how these books were mostly written for children/young teens (or, at least, I think they were), but this... this gets the job done. It really does. It's more mature, and I do like reading about Anne and Gilbert experiencing things most young women and men go through as time passes and we fall in love.

I'm sure, I'm rambling at this point, but what I mean is: you're easily one of the best writers this fandom has to offer-for almost one year, I've been looking for a fic like yours, one that satisfied me completely, and this one did its job. Good job! Amazing! It's not a complete story, no, but it's definitely worth the read. You're an amazing writer, and, well, I'm not sure if you'll continue this or even see this review, but if you do, just know I'll be here, waiting patiently for it. Good job, good job...
5/8/2021 c9 girlyswat
dear jennwithapenn, I've just disovered and read all your stories in one go! I should have savoured them as it seems you've give up writing here. I would love to read more if you are ever reinspired. hope life is well with you
2/6/2021 c9
I do hope you return and continue! such a great story and perfect capture of the characters!
10/3/2020 c9 3Elizabeth21Ella
I hope you get to finish this one someday.
8/9/2020 c9 Vids
Plsssss finish this it's sooooooooo beautifullll
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